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  1. Redrodent

    Tubliss question

    Same experience here. Surely it will hold for a days ride. Just a little FYI. Your first install might be frustrating. Don't get discouraged. By the second or third tire it will be far easier than a regular tube. Life with Tubliss just takes a period of acclimation
  2. Redrodent

    Help choosing a good helmet

    Another vote for Vemar. Especially if you have a long oval head. That's what lead me to them. Very limited choices in long oval. On my second one now. Quality is excellent and I feel the ECE standard better for my type of riding. Dual Sport, MX, or casual woods riding? It may effect your choice
  3. Missing hardware or a hodge podge of fasteners
  4. Redrodent

    Help me with the plug eater

    Fixed!! Replaced the head and changed crank seals. Even though the ignition side seal looked iffy and wasn't fully flush in the case, I still suspect it was the head. Built a jig to pressure test the coolant side of the head but found no leak. Not sure that's a valid test When YZdoc says just go ahead and change the seals when you a top end it's sage advice. Both OEM seals came to a wopping total of $15. Don't know why these bikes seem to have more than their share of seal problems
  5. Redrodent

    Budget Friendly Knee Brace Options?

    One of the best tips I ever read. Go on eBay and buy people's left over orthopedic braces from surgeries. Might have to buy singles and be patient, but they're top of the line, lightly used, and cheeeap!
  6. I have a cut stock head and an Apex Racing head. Both have the same squish and cranking compression. Both cut for the same purpose. But the stocker detonates, and the other doesn't. There are probably more pages here about yz250 detonation then all the other brands combined, so be sure to do your homework if your going to get your head cut
  7. Redrodent

    Swingarm Refinishing?

    This is the South. We do those projects in July - August 😬
  8. Redrodent

    Swingarm Refinishing?

    Anyone have any luck matching the finish of the silver / gray aluminum arms? Is it painted? Anodized? Stickers and covers can only do so much.
  9. Apex head too? How do you like like it?
  10. Redrodent

    Cleaning dirtbike plastics / graphics?

    Synthetic car wax ( not carnuba ) works great on white plastics. Leaves it shiny, no stick, and dries white down in the grungy scratches where you can't get the dirt out
  11. Redrodent

    Help me with the plug eater

    Ok, dirty picture time. Was pulling it down to change the seals so I popped the head off for a peek. 6hrs on a new OEM cylinder and fresh head work. What the H E double toothpicks? Is my head cracked up in the spark plug threads?
  12. Redrodent

    Shifting problems-do i need to split the cases?

    You can knock the ceramic out of an old spark plug and use the threaded shell to cobble an adapter up. Cheap and no waiting for delivery. I've made several useful tools this way.
  13. Redrodent

    Help me with the plug eater

    Was reading dmrodgers thread on float level so I thought I post a small update. He's in GA and I'm in TN. There has been record rainfall and always on Saturday and Sunday. Very little riding. I replaced the jet block Oring and timing. No change. The fouled plugs electrode are black, not necessarily wet but I've seen far worse that ran without issue. Frustrating. Runs about an hour on a fresh plug and dies. Jetting feels great, no spooge. The only thing I've observed that seemed odd is, looking through the exhaust port, the piston skirt is unusually oily. Crank seals next for posterity, maybe replace the coil. Never though I'd be reduced to a parts swapper. Who wants a free bike? Bring plugs. My enthusiasm isn't going to hold up much longer.
  14. Bought a bike last year from a guy on Facebook marketplace. I can see him, and the chronology of his ownership on his page. Bike looks good, price is right, simple. He wants to meet in front of a local police station. No problem. At the appointed time an empty truck pulls up, three guys I don't recognize from the ad get out and kind of box me in. Not threatening, but they're very nervous. Great. I can shoot all three of you as well as one, the police will back me up, and it will all be recorded on the stations security camera. So after a little back and forth, they're satisfied with me and they place a text. Another truck pulls around the corner with the bike in the back. Now the owner and one more guy get out for a total of 5. None of them stand more then 6 ft from me or the bike while I inspect, and finally pay cash for the bike. Really odd... and crowded. Sure was a lot of drama for a 3 grand bike. I don't know what had happened to them in the past to make them so cautious, but I bet it's a hell of a story.
  15. Redrodent

    Help me with the plug eater

    Update. Measured out the trans oil, 800cc so no loss. Performed pressure test with radiator cap off, and trans vent submerged in a cup of water. Held pressure and not a single bubble from the trans or in the coolant. One observation about the test procedure. Initially had trouble getting the tool to seal to the intake boot. Massive easy to spot leak that resulted in only a 1 psi loss in ten minutes. I keep reading that a certain rate of loss is acceptable, but I don't think it's been emphasized enough that even a tiny loss is a big leak that you need to locate. Im going to replace the jet block Oring, set the timing back to stock, recheck the float level, needle and seat. Maybe throw in 50% race gas for testing, and see what happens.