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  1. ZingerRoost

    Fedex Sucks!

    between the e and the x:thumbsup:
  2. ZingerRoost

    Fedex Sucks!

    have you ever noticed the arrow in the fedex logo?
  3. Mtn biking is awesome, im the only kid i know that enjoys xc mtn biking. Most of my friends would rather do downhill or jumps. Theres some really cool trails a mile from my house and its much easier then packing up th dirt bike and going to the track/desert which will end up being a full day ordeal with cleaning, etc. Im actually getting out of dirt biking cause i cant do it often enough and im gonna take up karting which i can do more often and race:thumbsup:
  4. its alright, theres people on this forum thatll give you a hard time if you act like a goon. since your new you probably dont know what that is; a person who sucks at riding but thinks hes really good and brags about it, dont confuse it with goon riding:prof:
  5. ZingerRoost

    I have finally decided to do it!

    cool, but now you have to take it apart again:bonk:
  6. ZingerRoost

    Cal City to Primm

    awesome report, a lot calmer than the last ride:crazy:
  7. ZingerRoost

    MY New Bike!!!!!

    the gatorade motr pprobably rips, thats awesome:thumbsup:
  8. ZingerRoost

    SO confused

    it wouldnt compare to any 85, but maybe the 06 and older crf150's.I bet it wouldnt keep up with the 07/08 150s from what i heard
  9. ZingerRoost

    Just joined Thumpertalk....

  10. ZingerRoost

    Baja 1000 race report 309x

    wow, an amazing story of determination. congrats:thumbsup:
  11. ZingerRoost

    Fuel ratio

    oh, i was refering to the oil being lean or rich, my bad:bonk:
  12. ZingerRoost

    Fuel ratio

    nope, 32-1 is richer than 50-1. more fuel with the same amount of oil is leaner:prof:
  13. ZingerRoost

    bottom end mods

    vforce reeds, a powernow system:ride:
  14. ZingerRoost

    air screw

    turn it counterclockwise to lean it out, well at least thats the way my 85 is. Your manual has all this info in it:prof: make sure you know which is the idle and which is the air screw:bonk:
  15. ZingerRoost

    '06 Cr125 running too rich

    just change the jetting:excuseme: there should be a chart in ur manual that shows the elevation and temperature and the correct jetting specs. thats what i use:thumbsup: