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  1. knobbylips

    Reno 200

    nice chopper dennis hopper! sorry i missed out, conditions look great. has it really been 4 years since i visited tt?
  2. knobbylips

    Vegas ride Sat. 11/4, probably Nelson Hills

    hey- i am leaving here wednesday and will loose computer access, how can i reach you guys or where is the meeting place and when? thanks! tom
  3. knobbylips

    Vegas ride Sat. 11/4, probably Nelson Hills

    hey! i wanna ride with you guys. i'll be in vegas for sema/nace and i reserved saturday for some riding. can you give me a lead on a cheap but decent place to stay? i thought i had that covered, but turns out not. any info greatly appreciated! thanks! tom
  4. hey! i'm visiting too, anyone want to ride on saturday nov. 4th? i'm up for whatever. can i tag along? thanks in advance! tom
  5. knobbylips

    Foresthill and Noise 2

    i am so with you on that....
  6. knobbylips

    Dual Sport Riders - Sacramento Valley & San Fran. Bay Area

    hey ncr- the difference between mxc and exc is the mxc has bigger gas tank, close ratio 6 speed and no lights. (guess the d.s. kit fixes that). the exc has a wide ratio 6 speed, smaller tank and comes with head/tail lights. i'm game for some riding anytime- me and my '03 exc are in redwood city, where are you? see ya- tom
  7. knobbylips

    Fri @ Metcalf

    i might be there too, if i can skate work!
  8. knobbylips

    A street sunday 10/17

    dammo! looks like i left a little early. oh well- have fun! see ya next time- tommo
  9. knobbylips

    New Nor-Cal.TT'er in '05 . . . Me!

    hey c.c.- welcome! i live in the middle of your commute if you cross the bay on the dunbarton bridge, well maybe closer to fremont. i'm plated and i know a few lil' hit and run spots here on the penninsula. look me up when you get settled in. i just got back from a san diego trip and you guys have way more riding than we do. got a quiet muffler? see ya- tommo
  10. knobbylips

    Metcalf or Hollister anyone?

    hey- i ride a ktm 525 exc, but i'd ike to get a little crf 150 too. i'm with you mr gadget- id rather enjoy the ride on my bike, not the one in the ambulance. tommo
  11. hi christi- didn't get to meet you last week, but you have some awesome riding down there. i sent e mail to mr balys explaining the bad things that happened here in northern ca. because of land closures. all the kids that cant ride here anymore are now little gang turds with loud music and louder attitudes. dirtbikes in the distance would have been better for everyone. good luck! tommo
  12. knobbylips

    Riding Lawerence Welk Wed 10/13/04

    hey guys- sorry i missed ya, but i'm back home and its a 603 mile trip. i made it home in 6.5 hours and no tickets! tim, how's your back? rob, how's your truck? josh, i liked the old avatar WAY better! keith, thanx for the great ridin'. todd, i really dont think that a street bike will help you with that elusive hillclimb. tijuana is the nastiest shithole i have ever seen! see ya next time! tommo
  13. knobbylips

    Metcalf or Hollister anyone?

    hey dude- i have never been to metcalf, but its the closest place to home. weird... i know. lets get together. tommo
  14. knobbylips

    New Post for Meeting up w/ So Cal People to Ride

    YAHHOOOOOOOO! its 9 am wednesday and i'm headed south.... see ya tomarrow. 'f'work! tommo
  15. knobbylips

    Riding at A Street Sat...?

    i dont know if i'll be able to ride sat am, but i sure wanna! i am leaving home now for the drive south and will see some of you thursday at lw yeah? i only have contact info for a few people, but hope we all get to ride at least a little. i'll try and be at the gas station at 8 saturday! see ya- tommo