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  1. Do you know of another better option?
  2. bkoz

    How is the Yz250fx?

    I followed the same path.
  3. bkoz

    Yamaha fan kit

    The two bikes are wired the same. Both use the ECU to switch the ground side of the fan relay control. It is most likely a difference in programming.
  4. I just finished my 2nd ride the Kenda Ibex. Both rides were snotty, partially frozen British Columbia mountain single track. I am very impressed with the Ibex so far. I has better traction than the Shinko 505 Cheater and does not wallow like the Golden Tyre GT216X. As far as wear (I know its early) it looks to be better than the GT but will not last as long as the Shinko.
  5. bkoz

    Yamaha fan kit

    It's normal for the 250FX to shut off when the bike is off.
  6. bkoz

    YZ250FX running hot?

    ckny, did you go with the stock clutch or aftermarket? My bike is due.
  7. Your missing a few: The early RFS engines had water pump and valve issues. Early 200SX engines and cracked case issues. Early 2000 bikes had rear brake problems. The first KTM 150's had lot's of engine failures. The first locking 1/4 turn fuel caps that never worked right. The 2007+ single cam XR4 had all kinds quality control issues and design flaws. 2015 and older 250/300 primary clutch cover gaskets failing. 2016 wasn't the first 250F to have conrod issues. It has been an ongoing problem. Suspension settings until the AER fork. But then again the first AER's had the internal seal failing and since been upgraded. I have come across more but that is all I can think of right now.
  8. Load the dirtbiketest map, turn the idle up to 2100rpm and ride it. No need for a throttle tube IMHO. I ride nothing but British Columbia mountain single track.
  9. bkoz

    Devol lowering link on 15 wr250f

    Go with the 110. Any bigger on a 250F is a waste.
  10. Mike_80, that is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks!!
  11. bkoz

    WR250F 2018 piston in a 2016

    What kind of differences?
  12. I am hoping that someone with a '05, '06 or '07 CR250 can give me a hand. I am looking for a picture of the wires going into the 4 pin plug on the CDI. Thanks!
  13. Ha! My 250FX makes more HP than my DR650
  14. bkoz

    YZ250FX running hot?

    Its still a low hour bike so that should not be an issue. Check the simple stuff first. Change the coolant. Shine a light through the rad fins and ensure no blockages. Look for pinched or swelling rad hoses. Popping on decel could be exhaust gaskets. Check them and all the exhaust clamps looseness. Verify the coolant temps. Bring your tuner on a ride and plug in when you think it is running hot. Pick a cheap infared heat gun and verify that the temp reading on the tuner close to what the heat gun is saying.
  15. The FC and SXF do not have reeds. The FE and EXCF do have reeds.