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  1. Have you ridden an FX?
  2. I believe it has to do with the belleville spring clutch setup. It takes more force to start the collapse of a belleville spring compared to a coil spring.
  3. This the pre '16 Husktoom 4 strokes feel wider than the FX IMHO.
  4. There are bikes with factory juice clutches that have harder pull than the FX...
  5. I run around the same in the BC interior. I will change up or down depending on tire and conditions.
  6. I ran the Backroads maps for quite a few years until my GPS was stolen. Now I am running OSM maps and Ibycus topo's on my Montana. Both are free and very similar to the Backroad maps. I would not go back.
  7. Weird your guy's FX is just like my FX...
  8. I live in Kamloops. I know what BC has to offer. I would still rather try something I have never done before. You've rode in those country's?
  9. Wow, you guys need to start thinking big! Get out of your comfort zones. I would get out of North America ASAP. I am thinking tropical like Costa Rica, or South east Asia (Thailand or the Philippines) for a week. The 2nd week would have to be South Africa and then north of there, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe etc. The bike would be a full factory KTM 300 EXC TPI for the jungle and a full factory KTM 350XC-F for Africa.
  10. I don't understand the draw of the DRZ shock conversion. The only advantage over the DR shock is the adjustable rebound. You still have to respring it and revalve it for the DR. If you need adjustable rebound both Cogent Dynamics and RaceTech offer drop in shock shafts with the rebound adjust, and they come revalved. Or you can just revalve the stock DR shock and live without the adjustable rebound.
  11. Hmmmm, Cool looking YZ fender, cool looking Safari faring, cool looking aluminum panniers and running the stock suspension valving...
  12. You have installed a FX stator on a F?
  13. The impeller will not get grooved. The impeller shaft will. Any sort of grooving where the seal contacts will cause a leak.
  14. I believe you will have to float the ground on the Ricky Stator to use that TT regulator. Your best bet is to contact Ricky Stator. Post their recommendations, I am interested in their answer.