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  1. i did this. It would have been cheaper for me to buy the WR and add the $100 GYTR ECU.
  2. Updates?
  3. Yup
  4. It's on that wire then. You should not have any resistance. Examine it carefully for any signs of rubbing. I believe the wire will plug into one of the relay's under the seat. Check those plugs.
  5. Do you get the same reading with the fuse removed?
  6. How much clutch lever free play do you have?
  7. Your regulator should have 2 plugs. One with 2 wires and one with 3 wires. Disconnect the 2 plugs. Set your meter to Ω. Set oen lead to the frame use the other lead on each wire on the 2 plugs. Make sure your testing the wires that go into the engine, not into the regulator. On the plug with 3 wires you should get infinity or OL on your meter on all three wires. On the plug with 2 wires the red wire should give you infinity or OL. The black wire should give you a very low resistance, e.g. 0.3Ω. You are checking to see if a wire has rubbed through and is contacting the frame.
  8. Do you have a multimeter?
  9. Is the fuse blowing before or after you hit the starter button?
  10. Out of interests sake the stock muffler will pass a 96dB sound test. You could always just add a Lexx or ProMoto Billet spark arrestor end cap.
  11. Blowby first shows up on the piston and then carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. His pics do not show signs of this. The blue color is heat treating from the factory.
  12. Wow that's the 1st I've heard of that there. Guess it was bound to happen. I have heard of a couple instances around the province of guys getting dinged. Honestly, I am a surprised it took them 2 years to start handing out fines. I was sure they were going to be like kids in a candy story passing tickets out last year.
  13. A riding buddy recently got dinged at Mcnutt for no liability. $337