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  1. CaseyWR450

    best picture of you roostin

  2. CaseyWR450

    Scott boots?

    I'm not saying that they aren't good boots, just that in my opinion, they're really ugly:thumbsdn:
  3. I used hair spray and safety wire on mine last time and they're holding up great. Cool vid:thumbsup:
  4. CaseyWR450

    Backfiring blues

    Mine is backfiring too ever since it got cold. Im sure its just the jetting though. I gotta change it when I get some spare time. You're probly just having jetting issues like me.
  5. CaseyWR450

    Warning XXX Rated!

    Damn! Thats sucks man! Hope you can find some more
  6. CaseyWR450

    Travis Pastrana baja 1000

    DAMN! I havent seen that or even heard about it! TP is the best!
  7. CaseyWR450

    awesome "backyard" track...

    You got an aweosme track for sure:thumbsup:
  8. CaseyWR450

    help quick!

  9. CaseyWR450

    help quick!

    I own a 98 chevy z71 and Im hooking up some subwoofers in it but the problem is i cant find where to hook up the rca wire. Somebody help quick:mad:
  10. CaseyWR450

    Back on the YZ!

    Well I have been racing harescrambles for about 2 years now and started racing on an 01'YZ250F and then moved up to an 03'WR450F. So I went to a motocross race last night to watch my girlfriend's bro race and as soon as I saw the first moto I was like this is the kinda racing for me! I've rode on a few tracks before and I'm alright at it, for those of you that have been to duhramtown I clear all the jumps on both main Mx tracks. I've had the YZ up for sell for about 3 months now but it hasnt sold and where i took it to sell, they let it fall over and it now has a big gash in my NEW side plates i bought for it:foul: . But Ive decided that Im going to sell my 450 and get the 250 back and start racing motocross. But I dont really know what class to race, Im a B rider in harescrambles but dont know about moto??? Any suggestions???
  11. CaseyWR450

    What a dirty bike.

    http://w2.bikepics.com/pics/2007/02/25/bikepics-812732-full.jpg I think I got both of you beat
  12. CaseyWR450

    lol goon

  13. CaseyWR450

    More tire talk

    A 150?
  14. CaseyWR450

    does this sound fair

    $2900 is a lil high. I would say $2100
  15. CaseyWR450

    Weight Loss for a WR450

    I removed my kickstand, headlight, tailight, and battery. But I don't have the electric start anymore since i took the battery out. If i took the startor motor and gears out how much more would that be? And what would you put over the hole?