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  1. sbohanon

    '18 YZFX @9hrs Power Observations

    Worn rear tire
  2. sbohanon

    My wr250f 2015

    Bike looks good! One question, where did you get the one-piece bar mount?
  3. sbohanon

    Yamaha YZ250FX (2015)


    like it so far
  4. sbohanon

    Yamaha YZ250FX 2015

    like it so far
  5. sbohanon

    Who will be the first with new 15 YZ250FX or WR?

    Hoping to pick one up on Tuesday. First Yamaha since 1999.
  6. sbohanon

    chain stretch

    yup, i'm online. go ahead open my a**hole somemore. the only ever un-answered post. there were only a hundred or so of us back then. very simple website, almost like at the beginning of the internet boom. i wish i could remeber the name of the guy who started thumpertalk. i don't think he still runs it, does he?
  7. sbohanon

    chain stretch

    hey DethWshBkr, i'm still around, just not riding a thumper anymore. maybe my next bike. sometimes i wish i had kept the '99 yz400f. come to think of it, i'm member #111 here at thumpertalk. and yes, i replaced the chain before i sold it.
  8. sbohanon

    CRD Radiator Guards

    where do you get them? is there a website?
  9. fastfrank, glad to hear tig was happy with the bike. let me know more as he acclimates. you do go wheelies, especially in sandles!!!
  10. sbohanon

    Kick through compression stroke

    if i stand on the kickstarter and push hard, and i mean hard, it will pass tdc.
  11. i will be there on the 14th. are we going to rausch creek on that day?
  12. sbohanon

    Bill, it's me, *mike68*

    if your going to ride friday and saturday, i'll br there for friday like last time.
  13. sbohanon

    Bill- SE Pennsylvania ride in June???

    bill, i wear my pants just fine. we have friends who own a time share that week and they invited us down. they are a couple we met on the cruise last year. if you were to move the weekend for me, it would have to be the 29th and 30th.
  14. sbohanon

    Bill- SE Pennsylvania ride in June???

    bill/mcarp, i'll be on vacation that weekend in florida, doin' what the wife and kid wants that weekend.