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  1. And you can't wear it after Labor Day.
  2. I've seen Virginia mud stain plastics.
  3. I have to disagree there Mate. I don't think anything comes close to the premium quality of the Dainese Safety/Impact/Manis line of body armour. Three things really stood out to me about the Dainese jackets over the others. The mesh has the large holes instead of the fine mesh which I found to trap less heat. (+) The dimensions were more human like as some of the others seemed to be made for aliens with freakishly long arms. (+) The price was eye-wateringly high but if you look well enough you will find a more reasonable close out price. (-) I owned and old Dainese Safety jacket and then needed to replace it. I bought the Rockgardn and found it was way too hot so I returned it. I then tried Fox and it just didn't fit right so I went back to Dainese. However, I am now considering the Acerbis Cosmo which is in 2 separate parts. For some reason I find over the jersey chest protectors to be cooler than the pressure suits.
  4. Yeah, I only buy stuff on closeout as I'm a total cheapskate but it is possible to hit the $100 mark even for brand name stuff. I am an expert googler and I can find the cheap stuff if I know exactly what I'm looking for.
  5. Not bad looking, but still a little pricey. I was hoping to stay as close to the $100 mark for pants and jersey combined.
  6. Hi, can anyone recommend any jersey + pants brands and product lines that don't make you look like a Power Ranger? I'm a trail rider and I'm looking for gear that is a little more subdued in styling that is similar in style to Klim but isn't as expensive. I don't mind in the boot pants as I'm on the short and fat side and typically over the boot pants are too long given. I prefer not to have too much branding all over the jersey and pants.
  7. Since you are in Europe, you may want to check out LS2 helmets as previously worn by Cyril Despres and Marc Coma in the Dakar. I think those are in your price range.
  8. Hey Aard, welcome. Where do you intend on riding? The place you ride could bear heavily on the type of bike you get. What's your price range? If you are trail riding, I personally would not get an XR250R as they can be a little tall for a beginner. I have heard good things about the Honda CRF230L as a good beginner bike. I find wear eyeglasses with a helmet to be uncomfortable. You can get goggles with eyeglass inserts but I didn't like the field of vision. I wear contact lenses when I ride. Get a good full face helmet with sun visor (DOT, ECE, or SNELL rated) that fits you well (how to check helmet fit). I also recommend boots, gloves, and riding pants at a minimum (you can buy them lightly used until you figure out what works best for you but buy a new helmet).
  9. Would you consider Tire Slime? If you make note of the direction of the tire then you may be able to tell where the hole is when you see the tire slime coming through. Then you will know where to look either on the rim or the tire for whatever is causing the hole.
  10. Yes, the jacket style protectors can get hot if you wear them under your jersey. I don't really know why but I feel the over the jersey protectors don't trap as much heat. I also think having good shoulder protection is important because things like separated shoulders and broken collar bones are very common. I am going to get the Acerbis Cosmo.
  11. You don't have to just stick with the traditional name and number. You can use special characters. You can have a short message. I saw a video of a guy in Australia who always has several bikes and he put the CCs on his number plates so it makes it easy to identify (they're all KTMs) which I thought was thoughtful. Use your imagination.
  12. Good point, the Moderators should probably be excluded from the leaderboard. And yes, the areas that are counted and what they count should be consistent.
  13. Too much Vegemite? What am I saying!!! You can never have too much Vegemite! But then again my line of logic is wrong anyhow because you don't eat.
  14. Thanks Bryan! This is pretty cool. I am totally humbled by some of these numbers (do these people work or sleep?).
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