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  1. DualSportDad

    CVK 40 Installed - First Ride

    I've been wanting to do this mod to my bike for years. I bought the cvk about 4 years ago. Can you guys refresh my memory other about the exact specifics to get the cvk on a S model with stock exhaust. I might put a e model head pipe in if it will really help and maybe e model cams as I have them laying around as well. Oh yeah, I'm at sea level.
  2. DualSportDad

    Drz trade for R1

    Where are you located? I have a set and could use the SM forks for my supermoto conversion.
  3. DualSportDad

    100,000+km DRZ400SM top end

    Sounds like the ignition pickup went bad. If I recall that's part of the stator assembly.
  4. DualSportDad

    Low compression (~40 psi) and possible slow cranking speed

    put the piston at tdc, bolt the head back on with the old head gasket ( or new if you think the bottom end is fine), leave the cams out and do a leak down test, you will need a breaker bar attached to the crank bolt to keep it from spinning with the air pressure from the leak down test or you can just use very low amount of air pressure. you need to do a leak down test, a compression test should never be done on these engines cause of the auto decompressioner. have you checked to make sure you're getting spark? these bikes a pretty big problem with flywheel bolts coming loose and the heads of them shearing off and taking out the stator, ignition pickup etc. i have a e model engine sitting in my garage right now that the PO took the top end apart cause of a no start stating the cylinder was gouged and had low compression. needless to say the top is was fine, it was the flywheel bolt that made it not run. new bolts, a flywheel and a stator and he would have been back in business.
  5. DualSportDad

    No oil on dipststick !

    is it bad that i never check the oil level on mine? lol. i had a klx400r (green E model) for 5-6 years that i put 30,000 + miles on and thhat bike didn't use any oil between oil changes. i rode a lot of highway with the bike to. i have gotten in the habit of only checking the level when i go to change the oil. i dump two quarts in and ride. i'm still doing the same with my 2000 S model.
  6. DualSportDad

    oil drain crush washer

    engine case drain plug washers can be had at nissan dealer for cheap and always in stock. just ask for a oil drain plug washer.
  7. DualSportDad

    Engine teardown

    I had around 30,000 on the stock valves on my old klx400r. I had Eddie rebuild the head around 5-6000 miles and sold the bike with around 35,000 on it. Never even needed a valve adjustment. I wasn't exactly easy on that engine either.
  8. DualSportDad

    DRZ mod

    You have removed the diaphragm and ground the stopper off?
  9. DualSportDad

    Highest mileage drz (updates?)

    These bikes should hit 50,000+ miles with no problem if taken care of. I bought my klx400r with a estimated 4,000 miles on it and beat the snot oiut of it for 30,000 miles of highway riding at 70-75 mph to get to the glades to ride. I've ridden it to Miami a couple of times, the keys etc. I had a Athena kit sitting on the shelf for years waiting for that motor to start to burn oil etc, I never had a reason to put that big bore kit on. Only thing I ever had to do was rebuild the head right when I got it cause the intake valves were ate up and I had to replace a cam chain that stretched. Oh and stators, lot of stators. BTW I was running 15/44 gears from almost day one. I liked that bike so much I just bought a 2000 DRZ.
  10. DualSportDad

    Jr50 won't start, new parts installed!

    I got it running. Clutch was out of adjustment. Probably the problem this whole time. Not does anyone know what the jetting should be at seas level with afmf expansion chamber and a power core pipe?
  11. DualSportDad

    Jr50 won't start, new parts installed!

    Just noticed that when I kick start the bike with the spark plug in the crank isn't turning but when the plug is out the crank turns fine when I kick it over. Wtf is going on there?
  12. DualSportDad

    Jr50 won't start, new parts installed!

    O have leaked tested my bike with air pressure and soapy water. No air wasb leaking from the head gasket. Today I put a 41.5 mm piston and rings in, bored cylinder and stock head. Three bike fired right up and ran for a few seconds and them died. Wouldn't restart. I pulled the plug and it was oily. Put a new plug in and it still won't start. No compression showing up on my gauge either.
  13. DualSportDad

    Jr50 won't start, new parts installed!

    I think it's the rings. Wish I had a dial bore gauge
  14. DualSportDad

    Jr50 won't start, new parts installed!

    I just checked the compression and it couldn't even overcome the Schrader valve in the compression tester. With the valve removed it would hit almost 25...haha. Damn Chinese junk.
  15. DualSportDad

    Jr50 won't start, new parts installed!

    As long as I know it'll run on something like 65 psi I'm good. I mean if I do a compression test and it's at 35 then at least I know my problem