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  1. someperson

    Rebuild soon: Ideas, suggestions

    Yeah mines just on 80 hrs.. thinking running it too 100hrs and getting it completely checked over... keep her running strongly to the end of next year thanks for your help fellas
  2. someperson

    Rebuild soon: Ideas, suggestions

    Im a midish B Rider So i should just wack in the piston from in the spares kit.. new valves and ride it like i stole it Bottom end should it be done now?. Had a big end go in my crf250 did not end pretty Cheers Hayden
  3. Hey all.. Long time since last post.. Thought this would be the best place to ask Ive gotten back into racing again loving it Running a 2010 Crf450r which im slowly getting sorted Very little mods Gearing 13:49 Suspension revalved and springs for my weight Fat bars and non-rubber mounted clamps Ive been considering rolling the bike over at the end of the year and i thought to myself why bother this bike actually suiting me alot now So its almost to 80hrs now without opening the engine. Willing to accept being flamed for that. Im an ex 250 rider and i know running that long is asking for trouble but the bigger bike is still running strong. Gets air filter every ride (a given) Got plenty of got twin air filters Oils every 5-7hrs always running on good 98 octane fuel Anyways 80 hours i was planing to get it rebuild at 100hrs (am i pushing it too much?) im going to keep it till end of next year i hope so going to get it done properly. What will i be looking at. Piston valves? replace or adjust should i be looking at getting bottom end looked at so i dont have any issues till next piston. Everything is running great starts easy as always. Doesnt burn oil. No Metal Shavings anywhere (Oil Filter and in Oil) Next thing With my rebuild that will be happening soon i was thinking maybe some performance mods Make some more bottom end power mainly or more power everywhere then id gear it back down even. Was thinking a High Comp Piston maybe or cams or a Yoshi Slip on or remapping or yeah im open to any ideas. Wont be doing everything just one or 2 things Another Question the backfire screen can it be removed. i know it made a good difference to my old carby crf250. Should i remove it without worry or yeah ideas would be great. Any other cheap mods that can be done? Any help would be great Cheers Hayden
  4. someperson

    New bike time

    wow 350 is sounding like a really good thing. i wasn't keen on one because i use to love reving the 250 and actually have to worry about corner speed.. weres the 450 you just twist throttle and you go faster.. Im still a youngen so the 2 stroke might be fun but im definatly going to have a look at some local dealers for a demo or something so i can test a 350 before i write out a cheque. Thanks for all your help fellas
  5. someperson

    New bike time

    Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah i think the 250f might not be enough after the 450 but i almost get bored on the 450 because of all the power... like no effort is required.. i can run either of 3 gears in some corners im actually keen on a 250sx for something different. hard decision
  6. someperson

    New bike time

    First post in a while on the orange forums okay im thinking of getting a new bike. I currently own a Crf450r 2010 and thinking of an 11 ktm. Before the 450 i had a 07 250sxf and loved it and due to a major gearbox explosion was guna cost me more then it was worth to fix it so sold it off as was and brought the honda cheap end of last year. Im undecided between 4 bikes. 2011 250sxf, 250sx and 350sxf or another crf450 hard to say how fast i am because i dont know how Australia compares to the USA's grading but i run mid pack B grade on the 450. My 07 KTM was an awesome bike loved it but the rebuild cost was little bit silly. Everything is just made a better quality like has better wheels then the Honda and i really notice it because i am always tighting spokes on the honda and the ktm hardly had to touch. Plus stuff like decent bars. hydo clutch and all those other good things The honda is much slimmer which i liked made it much easier to corner. And the 250sx is there because ive heard really good reports about them and hopefully cheaper to run and maybe something different. Yeah im open to all suggestions and advice and people with experience with the bikes Cheers Hayden
  7. someperson

    Knocking topend

    Ok for starters i have a 2007 ktm250sxf and i love it too bits, 110 hrs. Rebuild with pistons only. Now i was riding on weekend and i came out of a corner hard 2nd pinned not quite to rev limiter and it suddenly made a loud knocking noise from the top end. It lost a little power. I couldn't back off because i had just passed someone and i was too late to brake for the jump i was coming into, pulled off track, shut off bike. Now it isn't seized and it still starts. It makes a loud knocking noise from the top end. Im taking it in to my mechanic on Tuesday and i was wondering what to expect. Any help is greatly appreciated Also bike has done 110 hours, should i be looking into a bottom end rebuild while its down this time?? Cheers Hayden
  8. someperson

    Tommy Searle (KTM) scrub...WOWWWW

    WOW did he ride out of that. Thats crazy. Nice find
  9. someperson

    getting suspension done

    i had my suspension done by PMR in australia and loved it on my crf250 and straight when i got on ktm i loved the suspension even more. On the ktms stock suspension i was 2 seconds faster than on my crf's at the local track. After reading all of this i think its time to get it done see how much of a difference it makes after changing the ktm's suspension.
  10. someperson

    Pictures from Saturday and whip attempts

    Thanks ^^^^ that track looks good. In Queensland there isn't that many good tracks
  11. someperson

    Pictures from Saturday and whip attempts

    ok i'll try that next time. Yeah i currently live in kingaroy but i'm moving to toowoomba at the end of the year.
  12. Heres some pictures a mate took of me riding. First the bike Bike and me random jumpin Berm finally my whip attempts. Notice i did say ATTEMPTS Had a great day ridin overall
  13. someperson

    Just a few Questions about my 250

    So i can't grease the wheel bearings. Do i just leave them and then replace them when there is movement? Are you ment to grease the axel? When i take my wheel off i clean the axel and a tiny bit of grease to help with sliding in and thats it.
  14. someperson

    Just a few Questions about my 250

    Thanks heaps. planning to check the engine side of things (piston, Valves) at about 80 hours which is 50 hours since the bottom end and piston were done. Also planning to order 13:49 sprockets and a good x ring or something next week unless i find thats not a good idea. Thanks
  15. I have had the bike for 3 quaters of a year and i'm very happy with it. The bike had a major bottom end rebuild at 30 hours and i don't want to talk about. going great at 58 hours. 1. How often should i be regreasing/replacing bearings. I'm talking about headset, wheel, swing arm etc? 2. Do i need to replace wheel spacers? i heard that somewhere. 3. How much longer should i expect the stock sprockets to last. The bike has done 58 hours. 4. When my sprockets do where our will changing to 49 tooth make it rev a little quicker out of the bottom or should i be leaving at 48 and changing something else? 5.i had a lot replaced with a fault when i got it including a piston and barrel at 30 hours. What should i be checking soon or now and what do i expect to be replacing if anything cheers Hayden