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  1. SFO

    01 yz426

    nice marchesinis Dauv, you have serious bling taste... thinking of you after laguna, give my regards to corncob pipe... Bill
  2. SFO

    WR tranny in YZ? - revisited

    Forgive me, at the time the yz400 has the closest ratio gearset and based on the torque curve that is what was selected.
  3. SFO

    WR tranny in YZ? - revisited

    Late '03 we were building the '04 race motors and Keith Mc' said the 250 gearsets can be used in the 4st. I din't confirm this but an intrepid gearbox shuffler could investigate it further. Justa informed guess, I guess.
  4. SFO

    Blow by?

    Lord knows Mark wasn't scared to hold a throttle wide open!
  5. SFO

    WR tranny in YZ? - revisited

    Grayracer is correct. Also, for more ratios the 2st gears will work in the 4st for more options.
  6. there used to be a known fix for this, Zipty had you glue a hole shut inside the filter cavity to prevent chips in the oil from goobering up this drain thread. If you are going to use a tap to clean this thread use a form tap, not a cutting tap. Also replace the bolt as it gets boogered up too.
  7. SFO

    wr stator and flywheel on yz 400

    I ran a 98 yz400 motor in my '01 wr, with the wr ignition. The crank end is the same, fwiw.
  8. SFO

    WR tranny in YZ? - revisited

    I was part of the original Dr Rob trans swap. It was not a drop in by any means. Search my posts if you want the whole story. I am stoked yamaha went back to a 5sp.
  9. SFO

    Any Europeans Brand bike for the Baja 500

    I am linking this to UHE.
  10. SFO

    Any Europeans Brand bike for the Baja 500

    is BMW running the HP bike?
  11. SFO

    Flattrack sub forum

    Good idea.
  12. SFO

    cracked rim, can i get it welded??

    I had a front rim that I flatted the flange on both sides. I deadblowed the flanges back into shape then they cracked upon the crease. I had a welder at my shop start to weld the cracks while I watched. As soon as he laid the heat to the rim the wheel potatoe chipped beyond repair. Removing the spoke tension is extremely prudent if repair instead of replacement is your hope. When we were running the ama series we smoked/stopsigned at least one set of wheels per national.
  13. SFO

    cracked rim, can i get it welded??

    you will have to remove the spokes first the stress the spokes place on the rim will cause it to colapse as soon as mr tig gets a bunch of heat into it. Good luck.
  14. SFO

    Broken piston wrist pin

    Are you serious? wrist pins are not cast, btw...
  15. SFO

    Race Gas???

    just makes me think about building a motor for the best fuel, vs, whats the best fuel for my motor. Tweaking truely begins by controlling the variables.