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  1. Thanks for all your comments guys! MitchMan
  2. MitchMan

    best lights for 2005 cr250?

    See details on my road legal conversion here..... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=65699 I (personally) think I have the best looking lighting setup that is available, a Polisport MMX on the front and the DRC Edge 2 Taillight/Brakelight.
  3. Does anyone know the approximate output (in Watts) of a stock CR250 Stator (02-07). Cheers MitchMan
  4. MitchMan

    Acerbis DHH on a 2001 CR250

    Its an Electrex ST1292L from these guys (They ship internationally and their aftersales is second to none). http://www.electrexworld.co.uk/ Electrosport in the US also do a similar one, but the quality was nowhere as good. MitchMan
  5. MitchMan

    post some pics of your woods weapon

    I have listed all the parts I used in this thread. If you have any problems sourcing them from the usual places, drop me a line. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=656993 MitchMan
  6. MitchMan

    post some pics of your woods weapon

    Heres mine, converted (Road Legal) from a crated 2007 CR250R... MitchMan
  7. MitchMan

    Acerbis DHH on a 2001 CR250

    The DHH is a very tight fit without moving the CDI unit (Even with the supplied extension brackets). I used the Polisport MMX which fits better and in my opinion looks better too (It is a more modern shape, and is a more white colour, and shinier plastic). See pictures in my post here :- http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=656993 MitchMan
  8. Mine came from Electrex World here in the UK :- http://www.electrexworld.co.uk/#9258X0 I would definitely recommend them, their support and aftersales service is fantastic. This coil gives you about 45W of (DC) power to play with at idle, and the headlight doesn't dim. The power budget for mine is as follows :- Headlight 35W Tailight/Brakelight 7W Sidelight (LED) 1W Piezo Horn < 1W I did buy an Electrosport Lighting Coil (company in the US not connected with Electrex World) but that only gives you an AC Power feed which would need rectifying, and the workmanship of the coil was poor (screws rounded off etc) when I recieved it.
  9. As you may know I have spent the winter/spring converting a crated UK Model 2007 CR250R, for Enduro/Green Laning/UK Road Legal, and the possibility of a SuperMoto conversion as well at a later date. For the history, and pictures of it in it's crate, see this thread :- http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=560281 Here are the final specifications (They differ slightly from those planned due to problems with the originally planned parts, and improvements/optimisations along the way) :- Cylinder Head modified to reduce compression ratio (compression reduced by 3cc). JD Jetting Kit SFB Flywheel Weight (Heavy/13oz) Clarke 3.2 Litre Tank (See through/natural colour) Headlight (Polisport MMX w/extension brackets to clear CDI) New Stator/Lighting Coil (Electrex ST1292L) Wiring Loom (inc KTM handlebar switch, and HEL brake pressure switches) FMF Fatty Pipe FMF Titanium II Muffler/Silencer Pro Moto Billet Kick-it Side Stand Trailtech Endurance Speedo/Odo/Computer w/Trailtech Billet Mount Flatland Racing Sump Guard/Skid Plate Flatland Racing Radiator Guards Michelin AC10 Road Legal Tyres (Front and Rear) Pirelli Heavy Duty Inner Tubes DRC 'The Edge' 2 Brakelight/Taillight and Numberplate Holder RS Components Piezo Horn (Not enough power for standard 12W bike horn) Goodridge Front Stainless Braided Brake Hose Acerbis Uniko MX Handguards Works Connection Alloy Frame Guards Renthal R1 Works Chain Here are some pictures of the finished bike :- 1. The Finished UK Road Legal 2007 CR250R Enduro Conversion 2. Closeup of the Goodridge Hose (3/4 of length with protective heatshrink) and Trailtech Endurance Speed Sensor 3. Closeup of Trailtech Endurance Speed Sensor Routing on Front Forks and Goodridge Brake Hose 4. Closeup behind Polisport MMX Headlight, showing Modular Wiring Loom 5. View from front showing Polisport MMX Headlight 6. View of Front Shroud Spacers to prevent Front Shroud needing to be cut/trimmed (as is normal with the Flatland Racing Radiator Guards) 7. Closeup of Righthand Side, showing FMF Fatty Pipe 8. Closeup of Rear, showing DRC 'The Edge' 2 Brakelight/Taillight and Numberplate Holder, and FMF Titanium II Muffler/Silencer 9. Closeup of Simple Under Tail Wiring 10. Closeup of Pro Moto Billet Kick-it Side Stand and Works Connection Alloy Frame Guards 11. Closeup of Lefthand side, showing Flatland Racing Sump Guard/Skid Plate 12. Closeup of Trailtech Endurance Computer, Trailtech Billet Mount and Wiring Loom Hidden behind Headlight 13. Closeup of Clarke 3.2 Gallon 'Natural' Colour Tank If anyone who fancies converting a CR250R and has any questions or needs advice let me know and I will do my best to help! Also any comments are welcome!
  10. Are the #32.5 Slow Jet and the Main Jets supplied with the JD Jetting Kit for a 2002-2007 CR250 just standard Mikuni ones, also available from Honda? I am guessing they are, and it's just the needles that are 'special'...?
  11. MitchMan

    Spark Testing

    I have a spark now. I found out the cause of my spark problem (and hence why I couldn't see a spark) was that I seem to have a duff Electrex lighting stator. I put the stock stator/pulse generator back in, and bingo, I had a nice spark even when hand cranking it over. No idea why the Electrex lighting coil wasn't giving me a spark, as when tested with a multimeter, it falls within all the allowable resistances etc. MitchMan
  12. MitchMan

    new 07 cr 250 will not idle any suggestions?

    Mine is exactly the same, it won't idle without the choke being out, or keeping the throttle open, and makes the plugs soaking wet after a 'running in' run. I have ordered a JD Jetting Kit which I hope will cure all this!! MitchMan
  13. MitchMan

    radiator gaurds for 07 cr125

    I bought some Devol ones for my 07 CR250R, but didn't find them very good (not much side protection), so I got some Flatland Racing ones shipped over from the US. http://flatlandracing.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=FR&Category_Code=Honda12- They do need your radiator shrouds trimming, but I changed the lower shroud bolt to a longer one which meant they didn't need trimming, which was a much cleaner solution. I will post pictures when my Enduro conversion has been completed. MitchMan
  14. MitchMan

    Piston B in Cylinder A

    They definitely make seperate A and B pistons for the later CR250Rs (05-07) (See link about halfway down). http://www.sandiford.co.uk/shop_page.asp?id=parts However it also looks like there is only one kit available for the earlier bikes. MitchMan
  15. MitchMan

    Brand New 2007 CR250R - Not Starting

    Ok so another update:- I drained the carb completely by leaning bike to it side, and turned it over a few more times with the plug out, just to get rid of all fuel in the system. After a few hand cranks it was no longer spraying fuel out. I stuck a dry plug in, connected the fuel line, kept the choke in, and kicked, and it started!! It continued to run (I was blipping the throttle) until I let it idle on it's own and it stalled. A lot of splooge came out of the exhuast during this run, but that may be all the excess fuel in the crank left from my previous kicking attempts. I checked the plug, and it was greyish and wet, and then tried kicking it again, and no luck, I can't get it started again!! I was hoping the second time would be easier!