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    Yes. Thanks alot. But I am broke, so I dicided to fix it myself. I cut the subframe in three pices, strightened it out and I am going to weld it back together. I will post some pics when I am finished.
  2. lou_cano


    Thanks for the info.
  3. lou_cano


    OK other than AC where else can I get an aftermarket subframe. oem subframe is $300
  4. lou_cano


    What web site should I look at buying it from?
  5. lou_cano


    My 2006 450 needs a new subframe. What years will fit on that years modle? I found a 2008 250f on ebay and I'm not sure it will fit on my bike. Please help
  6. lou_cano

    Dr. D exhaust

    So where is the best place to buy a Dr. D system?
  7. lou_cano

    Dr. D exhaust

    How come you dont see any pro riders using the Dr. D exhaust system on their bikes? If ther are some pros using the product they don't place very well. It seems like FMF or pro circut are the systems to use.
  8. lou_cano

    xr 70

    Dude your xr is bad ass! I love your fork set up how much did that run?
  9. lou_cano

    xr 70

    How will a xr 70 do as a pit bike? What are the upgrades for that bike?
  10. Seeing those guys back in the day makes me fell like I can push a little harder on my 450!
  11. lou_cano

    Biggest Jump Thread with Age.

    I do the 40 foot table at my local track.
  12. lou_cano

    So the 08 has been announced, lets discuss

    What happened? I thought the new 450 was going to br fuel injected?
  13. lou_cano


    So how did everyone do this past weekend at the races?
  14. lou_cano

    Best Exhaust for '06 YZ450F

    not everyone rides in the woods. I race, and like to put some bling on my bike
  15. lou_cano

    Best Exhaust for '06 YZ450F

    So what is the best exhaust? I was thinking about putting on a header instead of the slip on first, what do you think? I was leaning toward FMF. Is there any companys that won't kill my wallet, but will give me good gains for the money?