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  1. dagomike

    Weird whistling noise.

    I would of figured that some of you experts would of chimed in on this topic. Problem still not detected, and can't afford to just throw money at a problem without some kind of backing to it. Mike
  2. dagomike

    Weird whistling noise.

    I know what kicker squeal or the grinding noise a kicker makes. I do not believe its that, I will check out the fluid level just to double check. Thanks for the suggestion.... Mike
  3. dagomike

    Weird whistling noise.

    Sorry it's been years sense I've been on last.... But i am having a strange whistling noise coming from my bikes right side (water pump area). It's not under a load but rather when the throttle is steady. At first i believed it to be an intake leak and possibly a water pump bearing going bad. My last ride i got back to the truck and turned off the gas to drain the carb before going home, and that is when an actual loud whine started, It went away when i blipped the throttle. It definitely sounded like the pumps bearing going bad. Has anyone else ever heard of this happening or had it happen to them? I want to get some feed back before running out to order a new pump just for it to be something i am not thinking about. Any info on this matter would be great. Thanks Mike 04 crf450r
  4. dagomike

    i need help

    What i don't understand is why a yz/sx250 rider is in the crf450 section, talking about replacing a crf with a yz/sx. Do like I do and look into other bikes forums and read about there bikes and what they have to offer and keep your opinion to yourself.
  5. dagomike

    Valve Check ?

    If your reading .006 to .007 on both intakes and .012 on both exhaust valves, your fine. Im assuming you meant .006 not .06 what was you decompression set at, check it it should be at .014 if all these are in spec you have nothing to worry about with your valves.
  6. dagomike

    Lets see those 450's!

    No thier legal, in California they can be six inches above your shoulders. mine are only a couple inches above (18 inche tall), im 6'2". They are a little loose so i can move them on the fly.
  7. dagomike

    Lets see those 450's!

    Pre Graphics kit...
  8. dagomike

    New sprokets and chain recommendations?

    I run steel sprokets, with a parts unlimited x ring chain on my 04 crf450, with this set up you need to run two front sproket spacers for clearence. Adjust it once and leave it alone and will last you.
  9. dagomike

    Un-loading bike by yourself...

    If it hasn't been mentioned yet, I always use one ramp and a bike stand. Put the bike stand about half way down the ramp to the side and step off the tailgate onto the stand, use it like stairs. easy way to load and unload by yourself.
  10. dagomike

    Pro-Taper bars

    I am a taller rider at 6'2" and I am looking to switch out my bars to the Pro Tapers, Can anyone recommend a good set to not only lift them up but retain the factory feel (same width and pull back). I found the Pastrana signature line but they are 1/2 inch skinner each side, and am afraid of loosing that much width. Any suggestions would help... Thanks
  11. dagomike

    swapping bikes

    I offer my buddy all the time to try out my crf450r, he rides a yzf426 and he always says no. I believe that he is just scard of the 450r and the how mean it is. But when i think about it do i really want to ride his 426 more then two feet, NO.
  12. dagomike

    Rotella Oil

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Rotella sae30 heavy duty in thier bike. I know you can use the 15w40 synthetic in both sides. Thanks