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    right forkleg protection?

    You can get a right fork gaurd from suzuki. RMX 250's came with them. You can get it in grey or yellow, I'v had one for a year now and it works good.It's only about 10 bucks,even comes with the bolt to hold it on.
  2. Dan

    Radiator guards?

    Devol makes a nice set. I orderd 00 RM 250 guards,they mount right up with some minor modification. You have to grind out the bottom bolt hole on the brace a small amount, can be done with a file.
  3. Dan


    I got an acerbis blitz headlight. It seems bright,I have not used it a night yet,but it looks alot beter than the stocker.It even came with a factory style wire harnes.
  4. Dan

    oil leak

    Has anyone had an oil leak from the counter shaft. I have heard about casting flaws or craks. Im going to try a new seal,didnt see any flaws.
  5. Dan

    Toyota Sequoia anyone have one?

    OK. Want my two cents? CAB and BOIT have it down, if you can swing it. If it's a Toyota, it's good for 200k to 300k miles if you truly take care of maintenance. Even fairly hard miles. My best buddy just bought a Sequoia, we took it duck hunting in the snow and ice. 4wd works great, vehicle is comfortable but tough, and you can take it out on the town if you want. I have a suburban for towing >8000 lbs, but if I didn't tow so much weight, I'd have the Sequoia or the Tundra.
  6. Dan

    Thanks Checkers, Vipers

    Thanks for the good words. He is healing rapidly and wants to get back on the iron horse soon. We are members of Training Wheels and have many friends in the Vipers. You are right about motorcycle people, they help each other out.
  7. Ride carefully, gents. My wife and I had the scare of our lives on New Year's Eve with our younger son. Endoed his YZ250 on a dry lake bed in SoCal. Will be fine soon, but nearly broke his neck. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to the Checkers and Desert Vipers members who helped out. Also to the helicopter crew. Ride on, ride carefully, and come back in one piece.
  8. Dan

    Shifting Problem!?!?!?

    I have had same exact experience with my '00 WR. Otherwise, it is perfect. I have dropped it on several very gnarly uphills because of missed shift/unexpected neutral. Every Yamaha I have owned (4) over many years has been a notchy shifter. It is characteristic. Using Spectro 10W40 changed out every riding weekend. Maybe different oil will help somewhat as earlier post suggests??
  9. Dan

    WR426 to YZ Timing

    Heard a rumor that ignition curve on WR is different than YZ in all cases and cam timing changes actually screw up the power output. Maybe this is why there are so many guys having trouble jetting and such. I have nearly stock jetting, stock needle in So Cal desert (1500-5000 ft elev.) and have zero problems. Maybe I am just very lucky.
  10. Dan


    Also updates at www.dakar.com or www.acerbis.com . Americans Jimmy Lewis and Johnny Campbell are still in it.
  11. Dan

    Fork Oil Weight

    Pro Action says all high performance cartridge forks now use 5w, regardless of which big 4 mfg. Only valving changes.
  12. Bred, thanks for your answer. The bike won´t rev at highest rpm in neutral and in gear with clutch pushed when I stay as well . That is way I don´t think it is affair of neutral swich. I don´t feel it much when riding in gear but a little. Dan
  13. Hello guys, I ride WR 400 98 European model, Yoshimura exhaust,WR timing, MJ 168, PJ 45, screw 1 3/4,DTM #4,air box lid removed,riding altitude 1000-2000 feet, 5-30°C from spring to autumn rarely during the winter, but without any jeting changes and without problems. Now I noticed hesitation at 1/4 - 3/4 trottle. I solved this problem by lowering needle clip to #2. ( probably more humidity now) . After that when I checket all the rev range of motor I noticed the motor does not revs to highest rpm and seems like there is some rev limitor et about 7000 rpm. It is more noticable on neutral and with clutch pushed and gear then when loaded.I have tried MJ 160-165-170-175 but no change.As I have mentioned above I have never changed jetting since I heve the bike so I decided threw to electric. I checked spark, coil, TPS, neutral swich, stop button, CDI magneto....valve clearance ..whatever I could even I have tried whole carb, CDI unit, coil from my buddy´s bike ( WR 400 99) but no change.I know it is too dangerous to rev unloaded motor to highest rpm and I do not do it, but my buddy´s bike revs without this symptom so I thing there is some faults on my bike. If anybody have sens how to proceed any advice will be greatly appreciated Dan
  14. WR 98 European model, WR timing, air box lid removed, Yoshimura exhaust, MJ 168,PJ 45, screw 1 3/4 out DTM #4, riding altitude 1000-1500 feet 5-30°C. I am running this bike for three years without any problem from spring to autumn, rarely during the winter without jetting changes. Now I noticed hesitation at 1/4 – 3/4 throttle. Than I read all “jetting” and “hesitation” topics on this forum and solved the problem by lowering the needle to #2 (more humidity probably in our area now ). After that when I checked all the revving I noticed that motor does not revs to highest rpm and seems like there is something like revs limitor approximately at 7000 rpm. It is noticeable with neutral or pushed clutch with gear, not so much when loaded. I have tried MJ 160-165-170-175, but no change. As I have mentioned above, I have never change the jetting since I run this bike so I decide to throw to electric. I checked CDI magneto, TPS, stop button, neutral switch by manual instructions even I have tried CDI, carb with TPS, plug and coil from my buddy’s bike (WR 99) on my bike, but no change. I know, it is too dangerous to rev unloadeded motor to highest rpm so I don’t do it but my buddy’s WRs revs without such a symptoms and I thing there is something wrong on my bike. I am a little unhappy with this case so only the thing what I should to do is change the bike ... Any advise would be greatly appreciated Dan
  15. Seriously doubt you can do it unless you get the Canadian version mentioned earlier. Sacramento wised up to the tricks, and closed the "loopholes" on us. They just don't want dirt bikes and are willing to pass whatever legislation makes our life difficult. Unless current law changes, or the bikes are designed to pass emissions regs, no dice.