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  1. Piney Woods

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    Any FI bike will be/is heavier than a carbed bike. To state/imply that FI is not affected by eth-gas is going out on a skinny limb.
  2. Piney Woods

    GM 5.3 or 6.2 liter?

    We are on our third 5.3. '01, '08 and now a '17. All great but definitely improved as time passes. The 3.42 is the best overall rear gear with the 3.73 better for towing. Very excellent mpg, bulletproof. My new p/u will have one also.
  3. Piney Woods

    2012 CRF450 build

    Where? Clues please. Thank you.
  4. Piney Woods

    Proper chest protector?

    What is the significance of "last year"? Thanks.
  5. Piney Woods

    Toy hauler for less than 20k

    This!!! Nothing is more flimsy than a travel trailer/motor home. Riding in one is BEYOND STUPID!
  6. Piney Woods

    How to properly store the bike after riding season

    Sea Foam in non-eth gas is all that is needed. The rest is just normal maintenance all bikes need occasionally.
  7. Piney Woods

    2019 Honda CRF450X Owner Review

    Never mind, found it.
  8. Piney Woods

    To tune or not to tune?

  9. Piney Woods

    2019 300 SC

    Isn't this thread about a 2stk?
  10. Piney Woods

    Endless Options I'm lost...

    My confusion was with the OP stating emphatically he wanted no road riding but kept referring to two street bikes and mods to them. Both much heavier and less friendly to the offroad use described.
  11. Piney Woods

    Endless Options I'm lost...

    Would not be surprised if he does not know what he bought.
  12. Piney Woods

    Endless Options I'm lost...

    Why does that Yamaha have an Athena cylinder on it?
  13. Piney Woods

    To tune or not to tune?

    If you do decide to get it "tuned" then you need to sit down and put in writing what complaints you have. If you can't explain this to the tuner you are totally wasting your money. Proper susp can make a bike faster and safer but you MUST be able to communicate your needs to the tuner. Good luck.