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  1. Surely no one tells a fib! No I don't know anything about it other than outward appearances and other belongings. Thanks.
  2. Nice bike, well maintained with 48hrs. $4200 a fair price, hours ok? Also has Rekluse EXP 3.0.
  3. I call the last/top ring that is tightened last the "lock ring". The other ring that is up against the spring is the adjuster ring in my eyes.
  4. That is bad news! Dadburnit!
  5. I have two of those, different brand. Fine for setting preload while my shock is on the workbench but impossible to use while on the bike. Still need a long soft punch and hammer while adjusting sag on the bike.
  6. Plenty of racing, bike doing fine in front of many newer ones.
  7. Huh? Virginia thieves must be very dim witted.
  8. This "experienced" guy who still races knows that his finish depends on the rider, ALL the bikes are so good today that the limiting factor lies elsewhere.
  9. Its a shame and a total waste but some of those losers do have exceptional skill.
  10. And wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oops, too late!
  11. OK tuner? RT chart confirms the 5.7 also. Surprising to me but I have never even touched an 250 FX. Seems very stiff.
  12. Great video, thanks.
  13. Suzuki reminds me of the British bikes way back when, just sitting on their thumbs. Really don't understand it. This isn't a recent thing, they have been behind for a long time and just don't seem to care. Wife and I started on Suzy a long time ago and had several. Never an issue, durable and were competitive with anything.
  14. Juiced, were the plastics a hassle? What seat cover is that? Thanks.
  15. I would say no based on my experience. You can't get to the 100mm rider sag range?