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  1. Quit taking your wife you, seems simple to me. Tell the 'ol bag to get back in the kitchen and make some hot, homemade biscuits. Some butter and honey or molasses and you'll heal up fine
  2. Piney Woods

    2018 RMZ 450 impressions?

    Why not discuss this with Hinson?
  3. Piney Woods

    oh look another suspension question

    That must be a tiny amt of clearance. I would think that gap would close as the spring is compressed.
  4. Piney Woods

    2017 FX350 FI Issues

    I love TT!
  5. Piney Woods

    Ride reports on 2019 Sherco motorcycles?

    It's not a different version of KYB. I asked if the factory models will be next years race model. The Sherco factory models come with KYB's and the race models still have WP. Not talking factory rider stuff. The limited factory models are normally next years race model like KTM does with their replica bikes. Too early to tell, just wondering if they'll do what they normally do or save the KYB's for just the factory editions to keep it the premium bike. I think the WP stuff is actually really good but it's still an option. There's no doubt in my mind the KYB's are better for some riders. There's a big difference in OC and CC forks regardless of the brand changes Gotcha, thanks.
  6. Piney Woods

    oh look another suspension question

    The top coil is not circular? No matter how I rotate my shock spring it is still round and occupies the exact same amt of space. No, I don't understand.
  7. Piney Woods

    Pot & Riding

  8. Piney Woods

    Tyler "One Punch" Evans

  9. Piney Woods

    Fork/Axle Lug Repair

    Be very very very careful of a longer bolt. It will put a dent in the fork leg which is a bad thing. One of those bolts being broken should not be a common thing, very low torque. Someone was very hamfisted.
  10. Piney Woods

    1992 cr250 worth? Pros Cons

    00 or 01 in my area for $1000 would need another 500 or more to be decent. Nice ones are 2200 and up. IF you can find a nice one that the owner will sell..
  11. Google "youtube cargo trailer camper" More examples and ideas than you have time for.
  12. Piney Woods

    Purty engine

    Since the post was in the CRF section I thought the OP had typed it wrong and left out the F. The 04 CRF250 was not Honda's best 4stk effort.
  13. Piney Woods

    Ride reports on 2019 Sherco motorcycles?

    My thought is that the avg rider here will finish the same no matter the KYB version. Sorry I made it too hard for some.