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  1. Bull semen? Same ol Chris.
  2. supercross

    Actually it would be 927.
  3. This times 72! Ridiculous.
  4. supercross

    I can understand that thought.
  5. supercross

    Why would I be thankful for that?
  6. How about a better pic of how the tape is attached at the axle/swingarm.
  7. supercross

    I would suggest less time as a narcissist and more time finishing SX motos without falling in the heat of the moment. Standing on the top stand of the podium is the goal, not winning the "look at me" game on social media.
  8. No owners manual?
  9. Reading the Owners Manual,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,such a crazy idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Front or back half?
  11. Will you be posting here or just over on the KTM forum?
  12. Uh oh, here we go!
  13. Shhh, it was hidden so well!
  14. The grocery store police are looking for you!