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  1. I bought an OEM engine guard for the FE450 assuming it would fit but apparently the FE chassis has screw holes in the frame for the guard whereas the FE/FX do not. I'd rather not have to buy a whole new engine guard because of this. Does anybody know of clamps that I could throw onto the frame spars so that everything would go together? Thanks!
  2. I need to go pick up an Allen bit to take out the stator cover plug but I haven't been able to find the size needed. Anybody know?
  3. rusky

    Head gasket failure?

    Agree with you guys, the previous owner made several mistakes it seems: 1. Too many hours on the existing top end 2. 32:1 mixture that wasn't jetted for so it ended up being lean due to low fuel content. 3. Either not using fresh gas or not using 92 octane. 4. Using castor oil for premix I'm going to default to my tried and true 2-stroke mix: 50/50 92 and VP110 mixed at 40:1 with Motul 800. It is what I used to run in my YZ250 and my top ends always came out looking perfect. I'm also going to make sure that jetting and ignition timing is spot on.
  4. rusky

    Head gasket failure?

    It could probably be cleaned up but I'd rather start fresh. New head is only $90.
  5. rusky

    Head gasket failure?

    Thanks guys! It did feel a tad lean when I did the first test ride but I guess this proves it. Will look into jetting and might add some race gas into the premix. Are the 125s also known to detonate when stock? I thought the squish problem was limited to the 250s only.
  6. rusky

    Head gasket failure?

    I tore into the new-to-me 125 tonight after purchasing it over the weekend. Unfortunately, the cylinder and head didn't make it (OEM replacements on their way). To me it looks like the intake-side head gasket started giving way but did not blow completely. As water seeped in, it pitted the head and ate into the cylinder as well. What are your thoughts?
  7. rusky

    '09 YZ125 Free-Piston

    I just picked up a 125 to use as a practice bike. Very excited about this project! Will be doing a top end, replacing some bearings, cleaning carb, and a few other things over the course of the week. As I was putting together a list of to-dos for this bike, I remembered that my '06 yz250 needed the free-piston drilled in order to reduce chances of it cracking in hydrolock situations. Did Yamaha address this in the '09s or did the update get added to later models? Thanks
  8. rusky

    Head Gasket Leak

    This. Why chance it?
  9. rusky

    Kx100 or yz125

    Yz125 all day. I got mine when I was 14 as well.
  10. rusky

    125, 150 or 250 2 stroke?

    For dunes I'd go with a 250.
  11. Currently on an FC450 after riding two strokes exclusively for about 10 years. I had a chance to ride a TC250 a little while back and it instantly had me grinning. The 450 is fun and has a bunch of power, but nothing beats a 2 stroke.
  12. rusky

    Cone Valve inserts for AER?

    Have the MXT Lucky cartridge kit in my AER forks. Best decision I ever made, couldn't get the stock fork working for me at all. I was also looking at various spring conversion kits like you are. Almost went for a CV + TTX setup but realized that I had to stretch my suspension budget across two bikes instead of one. In my mind, you can't really go wrong with any well-setup spring conversion kit (FC, MXT, Dal Soggio, SSS, or CV). Go with the one that your local tuner knows best, they're all worlds better than the air fork.
  13. Because back in the day TT was 4 stroke only. They added zingers at a later time and kept the name.
  14. I'll look into xtrig a bit more then, would be nice to remove some vibration for sure. My forks are already as good as they can get without going kit suspension (MXT Lucky + dyno tune). Are all of their offerings using the stock offset? I remember hearing some allow you to change offset if needed.
  15. The stock triple clamps on this bike feel pretty solid. I'm wondering if there's any benefit to upgrading to something like the xtrig triple clamps in order to further improve steering and front end feel in general? For reference, my old Yamaha ('06 YZ250) turned into a new bike completely when I upgraded to 22.5mm offset clamps with rubber mounts. It went from always standing up in corners to feeling like the bike was on rails with very quick turn-in. For those that have gone this route on the Husky, what are the most notable changes that you noticed?