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  1. TheGary

    I have a air leak on a new to me E model

    That must be it. I believe it is coming from that box behind the cam chain tensioner.
  2. TheGary

    I have a air leak on a new to me E model

    It could be but I am sure it must need to be connected to something but I do not see anywhere that it would go.
  3. I have a 2001 E model that I just got. It seams to run fine but there is a large rubber hose behind the carb facing straight out the left side that seems to have air blowing out of it. I could not find any open port on the carb. It is a large hose. Can someone steer me in the right direction?
  4. I put a rack on the back of my 5th wheel. It did not work out very well at all. The axels are so far from the back of a camper that it makes the motorcycle on the rack act like a catapult. I cinched it down as tight as I could and that bike still went for quite a ride. It moved around so much that one of the bar ends broke the back window of the trailer. I did it twice one time about 400 miles and one time about 200 miles. I decided to stop doing it before the bike decided to come off the rack. The bike was a DRZ 400 ,there just is not a way to stop the the bouncing action. If you have a long tongue I think it would work much better than in the back. You could possibly lengthen the tongue to make it work but as stated It would be a problem in turns on a standard length tonge.
  5. I am sure diesel manufacturers will change to CNG engines, some easier than others but the diesel is dead in North America. Diesel fuel is cheaper than gasoline in every continent in the world but N.A. the rest of the world will still use diesel to some degree for a very long time because they do not have the diesel natzis that the US has. The extra cost of diesel here is the governments way of keeping people from buying more diesels. The rest of the world does not have the large CNG reserves that N.A. has ,we are the Saidi Arabia of CNG and more is being found every day .
  6. First I want to say I love cummins diesels, that said I would not touch any diesel truck newer than 06 of any brand. I have a 97 2500 with a cummins and I will keep it till there is nothing left of it. The polution changes made in 2007 have made diesels not worth owning. They do not get the milage they used to, they break down more often, they do not last as long and they will pleg you with repairs you would not have with a gas engine. The diesel industry is going through what the gas engines went through in the 70's and 80's. The difference is that by the time they start getting better again most of the industry will have changed to CNG by then. The North American diesel industry is dead they just do not know it yet. Thanks to our friends and thiefs in government. A CNG truck hauling cross country will be an every day thing in 5-10 years. They are setting up infrastructure right now for this. No a CNG truck will not have the torque of a diesel but fuel costs are everything and it will be done weather we like it or not. Is CNG better than diesel ,well it depends how you look at it. Between the new polution regs, diesel fuel costing more than gasoline for no reason, and the ignorance of the public the diesel is doomed in North America.
  7. The 4BT is a good engine but heavy and large for a 4 cylinder. They can be made to put out 200 hp with very little investment. There are a few varients and some are easyier than others to work with. You will find that they are in demand and there for pricy. If you are serious you might want to look into the cummins 3.3. It is smaller than the 4bt and lighter. If you get the none electonic version it can be made to put out about 150 hp with out much work. Do a search on the web and you will come up with a guy who put one in a jeep and he gets into everything you would need to know to put one in just about anything last I checked on his swap he was getting 32 mpg with the 3.3. The 3.3 is an industrial engine and has only been around for 10 years or so, so parts will not be as easy to come by as the 4 BT.
  8. I love diesel trucks but..... They are not what they used to be. For what you want to do I think you will be wasting your money. If you buy one do not get anything newer than 2006. I know your gas truck is expensive to put fuel in the tank but you will find that the first time you need to repair your diesel you could have purchased a lot of gas. You will pay a premium for the truck to begin with then you will have the privaledge of paying $.30- $.60 a galon more for diesel fuel to put in the truck, then if you do not do your homework investigating the weak spots that all diesel trucks have you will pay a lot to get some repairs do. If I were you I would buy a gas truck that will haul your bike and the either rent a truck to pull the hores trail a few times a year or buy an old one ton gas truck to do it and only use it for when you haul the horses. You can get a V10 gas truck that will do it for 4-5k. I have a 97 dodge diesel that I have owned for 12 years and I have spent $10K making it the way it should have come from the factory. I love the truck but if I had to buy one today I would think long and hard about it. I will keep this truck till the wheels fall off and the I will never buy another unless I was going to need it every day. To use it a half dozen times a year it is not worth buying one.
  9. TheGary

    Pipe repair

    I repair mine myself. You can buy a kit on ebay to plug the pipe then you pressurize it with air and heat the dents and work them out. If the pipe has been flatened then I would send it out. If it just has dents it can be fixed in about 1/2 hr and some heat paint.
  10. TheGary

    The $25 KE100 Project

    By the looks of that carb I would not put another dime in that bike until I pulled the engine apart to see how bad it is. If the inside of the engine has as much dirt in it as the carb and intake passage ( that should be spotless) you will need to replace the crank and all the bearings in the engine along with all seals. Personally I would part it out. The heart of a 2 stroke is the air cleaner, without a well maintained ac the motor is a grenade.
  11. TheGary

    Cheap motorhome

    If your handy with tool it can work out ok with a MH. I would not buy one without planing to put some time and money into it. I purchased a 91 class C last summer for $3500. It has a new motor and radiator in it that has 3k miles on it. I was prepared to put some time into it. I replaced the flooring because I hate shag carpeting and I put a vinyl floor in it so it is easy to clean. I also had to recharge the roof AC and the dash AC, replaced the exhaust, and cleaned it from top to bottom. I also put a new mattress in it. Most of what I did I did not have to do but I have certain standards that I feel comfortable with. I also adapted a $400 generator into it so I could camp where ever I want to. I got it to travel cross country with and want to be comfortable doing it even though I am on a budget. Because of the 350 GM engine and the O.D. trans I will be able to get my money back when I am done with it. I see similarly equiped MH from the early 90's going for $6k and more.
  12. TheGary

    Generator options

    Have you tried installing a hard start kit in your AC? If it is 13500 btu or less your 2000 might be able to run it with the hs kit in it. There are many that have done it. You can get the kits on amazon for under $20. You would not be able to run anything else until after the AC is runing. Another help is to run the AC with direct wiring to the gen and not have to run it through the rv system. There is a lot of line loss because the wires are marginal in size.
  13. TheGary

    Help, I can't remember the name of riding area

    I called back today and got phillip from sumit game farm. He said the trails are kind of torn up right now but by the time we want to come in june they should be good. He was very pleasant and had no problem with us coming to ride there. They are starting to put in a campground next week. He wants me to call back to confirm exactly when we will be coming so he can be ready for use with a map of the trails and where not to ride. Thanks to all of you for your help. They are having races on june 10th and 11th and an enduro on the 17th and 18th. I may try to get there to watch the enduro and then ride there the next week.
  14. TheGary

    Help, I can't remember the name of riding area

    Thats the place. I called and left a message for them. We will see what they say. I hope they still let people ride out there. All it takes is one idiot to ruin it for everyone.
  15. I can't remember the name and info for a private riding area in north west WI. It is near Rice Lake WI. I remember that much. It is a game farm and a dirt riding area, It is supposed to have a lot of of enduro trails and an MX track. They have an area to camp in and ride from there. Please help me get the contact info for it . I want to go there and camp for a week with one of my friends and ride in June.