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  1. T.RexRacing

    Kenny Is Back! Roczen Rides Again!

    If that's legit I'm stoked. Wish I had the heart that kid's got.
  2. T.RexRacing

    Dungey retirement remorse?

    Fair 'nuff.
  3. T.RexRacing

    Dungey retirement remorse?

    Man there is more respect in a crack house than this sh!thole. I'll likely get reprimanded or banned for that and that in itself says a great deal about this place and it's inhabitants.
  4. T.RexRacing

    Roczen's latest Interview with RacerX

    To top it all off we'll just have to wait and see now won't we?
  5. T.RexRacing

    Roczen's latest Interview with RacerX

    If you doubt someone's ability to come back from the brink search Alex Zanardi. KR can do it. Whether he'll be a champ again or not is between his ears. Pulling for him.
  6. T.RexRacing

    Just bought a YZ 465, I think

    If you want a pipe that works Geoff Morris from Australia makes some excellent stuff. They end up being $600 by the time shipping is included. But they are sweet and work.
  7. T.RexRacing

    1984 YZ490 Carburetor options

    Sudco makes a 41MM custom Mikuni TM flat slide that would be a major improvement over the VM Mikuni. Price ain't too bad either.
  8. T.RexRacing

    Ride in peace champ

    It was such a joy to watch him ride.
  9. T.RexRacing

    Just bought a YZ 465, I think

    Either one would do the job. If the DG is built for the bike it may fit better. Or you could buy the pipe and silencer. I have a DG National pipe on the 465 and it works very well. DG also makes a steel universal silencer that might fit yer bike.
  10. T.RexRacing

    Thumps up to the privateers

    Yeah I like the little guys too. They work so hard for a chance at the ring. Josh Grant has always had time to shoot the breeze with me. Nice guy and good to see him doing well so late in his career. At High Point.......2012?
  11. T.RexRacing

    Will Tomac Go Undefeated?

    Tomac undefeated? No,he's good but not that good................yet.
  12. T.RexRacing

    Track Map - Round 4 Horsham MX Nationals

    Uhm......according to my schedule round 4 is High Point. Horsham is in Australia. What am I missing?
  13. T.RexRacing

    Zach Osborne fined for the Savatgy pass/crash/takeout.

    That's 'cause he ain't Roczen.
  14. T.RexRacing

    Zach Osborne fined for the Savatgy pass/crash/takeout.

    Barcia hasn't been in a position to matter much lately.
  15. T.RexRacing

    Just bought a YZ 465, I think

    It'd be easier if ya have specific questions. Spring rate for weight and style is the first step. I'd start by rebuilding the forks. In the case of the 38MM forks there's no bushings to replace so the springs,seals,a couple clips,o-rings and washers is all you'll need along with fork oil. When your ready to do this either ask here or PM me and I'll go through set up with you. You'll be amazed at the difference in how well the bike rides and handles when set up correctly. BTW if you plan on keeping and riding this bike I'd consider Race Tech cartridge emulators for the forks. A little more complicated in set up but if you can do the top end you can do the forks. The shock is another story. For your bike I think you'd be limited on what can be done-nope I looked and a few options are available through Race-Tech. Simply decide how much the bike is worth to you and how long you want to ride it.