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  1. gketell

    Kickstand bypass mod note

    Thank you for the info and analysis!
  2. gketell

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Well, at least there are a pair of really nice legs in the background!
  3. Man I love that setup!
  4. gketell

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Yup, sure can. I wanna ride where you live!!! Beautiful!
  5. gketell

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Can't post images from a secure site. I'd love to see them...
  6. gketell

    Where is Yanni?

    Yanni, I'm really sorry to hear about the BS you are going through. One of the main reasons I came on TT was to see your ride reports. Gorgeous area and great riding on Public Lands. I guess their definition of Public and ours is different now a days. Good luck to you and your dad!!
  7. gketell

    I'm an Idiot

    They are just vibration dampers. Make it more comfortable to ride for long rides on the road. But definitely not required for anything.
  8. gketell

    batt mod

    invest in a battery tender. And do the "Free Power" mod. Batteries last much longer.
  9. gketell

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Now THAT is my kind of riding!! I gotta find some of that here in NorCal someplace! GK
  10. gketell

    Cam shaft CDI interlock

    Well I looked on RonAyers.com and the fiche showed a 3mm x 5.2mm pin floating in space next to the cam. Guessing that was what I needed I bought a 1/8" brass rod which is .125" and 3mm is .118" so I chucked it in a drill and "milled it" down using files and sandpaper and cut it to length. Put it in and bolted things up. The spark inducer was 180 degrees out. Pulled it out of the Spark advancer plate and reinstalled it properly. Timed it using the Static method described here. Second kick and she was running.
  11. gketell

    Cam shaft CDI interlock

    Hi all. New 1993 XR200R owner (as of 2 days ago). Got it non-running for $400. Knew it was a gamble but thought it would be a good father/son project for my 13 year old to learn some mechanics capability. So what I found was that the key that locks the CDI to the cam seems to be missing. You can spin the CDI quite freely 360 degrees. At least that is what I'm assuming looking at the above. But since I've never seen an XR200R engine before can someone confirm my theory? Assuming my guess is correct, here are my Questions: 1) Where do I get a new key/pin? 1a) If it is generic, what are the specs so I can check my parts bin. 2) If this fell into the engine, how bad is it? Should I split the cases to look for it? 3) Should I replace those timing-advance springs? I've ordered a shop manual but it obviously hasn't arrived yet. Does anyone have photo instructions for checking cam timing and ignition timing? Guessing at the ignition timing marks, they are pretty freaking subtle indents. I'd like to have a visual confirmation that I was seeing what I was thinking I was seeing. Thanks in advance for all the help!!
  12. gketell

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Here are Hightime's Pics Here is a few pics
  13. gketell

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    I love that middle one, Shaker. Good job and great creativity!
  14. gketell

    DRZ400E tanks

    TT Store has the clark tanks for the DRZ.
  15. gketell

    Are there "better" years for the XR250R?

    Thanks everyone. I think I will take your collective wisdoms and skip over the 250 for now. Maybe a 200 or maybe just a bigbore and suspension upgrades for his 100. I'll play it by ear. thanks again! GK