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  1. DR6fifty

    Just Scored My First Suzuki...pics

    Congratulations on the new bike...what part of Md ya from?
  2. DR6fifty

    Coming out of Hibernation

    Well its getting to be riding season again Just wanted to stop in and say Hello....
  3. DR6fifty

    DR650 Sumo - Viable Street Machine?

    I love mine...matter of fact I think I am going to go for a ride right now!...
  4. DR6fifty

    problem with led turn signals......

    I tried the electronic flasher and it didnt make a difference in my case...
  5. DR6fifty

    dr650 street tard - stock hubs - wheel options?

    I have a set of stock wheels, T/W tires and rotors, just no rotor bolts. less than a 800 miles on them. Ill sell the set for 375+ shipping. There heavy so they will cost a bit to be ship. I can be emailed at RC51Superbike@aol.com or you can give me a call at 443-992-2590 (cell)
  6. DR6fifty

    problem with led turn signals......

    I removed the indicator light out of the dash and it did allow the leds to work side to side but no flash. Havent worked on fixing that problem just yet. Glad the Pro-taper mounts worked out for ya C Blank
  7. DR6fifty

    problem with led turn signals......

    Hey Deputy how did the Pro-taper and the 1 1/8 handle bars work for ya?.... ..... ???
  8. DR6fifty

    aftermarket mirrors for dr650

    I like the bar end mirrors and believe it or not you can see out of them really well....
  9. DR6fifty

    Diet for my DR

    I lost 80 lbs, was the best weight reduction for my DR650SM....
  10. DR6fifty

    Got my new DR!!

    Congrats...on the new bike.....and whats having a motorcycle without tinkering with it.........
  11. DR6fifty

    2001 silver DR

    Wanta sell it.....
  12. DR6fifty

    oversized bar mounts.....lets talk....

    Hey Deputy thats what I used, that mount with my stock bolt. The head of the stock bolt will fit the flat side just like the one that come from Pro-taper.
  13. DR6fifty

    any dr650 motards in the crowed?

    Deputy wheres the pic's we want to see it???
  14. DR6fifty

    any dr650 motards in the crowed?

    Thanks, no I havent lowered it. I kinda like it at the stock height C Blank
  15. DR6fifty

    how much for a supermotard conversion

    Tommy that is cool.......