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  1. I haven't been on here much in the last year, mostly because of all the constant trash talk but seriously what's up with James Stewart? I thought maybe he would be at the MEC but wasn't really suprised that he didn't show up but then oddly enough during the whole show I never heard mention of him. What really got me wondering was the latest issue of Dirt Rider didn't have one single advertisement of him and again his name was not mentioned anywhere in the magazine. I'm not a JS hater or lover, just an MX spectator curious of his whereabouts. Was he abducted by aliens? Internally combusted? Any factual answers are appreciated.... and if not....whatever
  2. nuudle8

    Early planning for B-day ride

    Yeah, by all means buy Nuudle's YZ250, it's in good condition and the tires only have a couple hours on them. Oh yeah and Don.... screw you!!!! LOL I'm getting too old to be a hero and I've never had your riding skills so yeah.... screw you!!!
  3. nuudle8

    Early planning for B-day ride

    I don't think he is on here much anymore and the last I heard from Yathump he doesn't currently have a bike. I haven't been on here much either, I messed up my leg pretty good (bad) last year and my bike is for sale.
  4. There is a lodge near the Black Lake trail system, it has motel rooms and one cabin, you can ride right from your room or cabin. It's called Black Mountain Lodge, they have a restaurant, a bar and a gas pump with premium gas, rider friendly owners. It's not close to SE MI (that's where I live) but it's nice and there are areas around there that are okay for kids to start out.
  5. nuudle8

    'It's not the team; It's the new Yamaha'

    I'm not a Stewart hater or a hater of any rider but these words from James sound the most mature yet that i've heard. I've always just felt that James let the fame get to him and I knew once he did a reality show he was going to be messed up and I've also felt that he needs to get out of his daddy's shadow and be a grown up all on his own. But what the heck do I know I just love watching people ride dirt bikes, they are all very talented people, best of luck to all of them and lets hope for less injuries.
  6. nuudle8

    May 12th, Big Bear & Crapo Creek trails

    Adam, The only "legal" parking I know of is at the North Branch ORV parking lot at Turtle Lake Rd. and Old State Rd., we used to go ride up there every year but it's been a few years now.
  7. nuudle8

    Gavin Faith to fill in for Stewart

    My point exactly, you couldn't find a messed up Yamaha. haha Yay Yamaha!!!
  8. nuudle8

    Gavin Faith to fill in for Stewart

    Yamaha should always be the first option no matter what.
  9. nuudle8

    Keys to the Race

    I've been thinking that ever since the first time they did "keys to the race", at least this time they did it before the race started, sometimes they would put it up on the screen during the race action. It's worthless just like them trying to talk all this technical crap during the race, just comment on which racer is in which position, that's all we need to know. Those guys should take lessons from the guy that announces at the horse races, haha.
  10. nuudle8

    Oscoda Old State House Trail, April 21st

    Hey that bike looks familiar! Wish I could be there, have a fun and safe day Adam.
  11. nuudle8

    Erin Bates ***????

    I guess I wasn't the only one that was entertained by the tight blue shirt. I think it should be required for her to show some cleavage every week.
  12. nuudle8

    Would you take out a rider to get in the main?

    LOL I have to agree with you on the Ashley Fiolek part, I'm sure my wife would make sure my head was in the bathtub and the toaster was plugged in.
  13. Thanks for the post Bryan, it's nice to see something informative on here for a change.
  14. nuudle8

    Fast forwarding the awful Brett Michaels intro

    Nice drumming dude! It's always good to hear original music.
  15. nuudle8

    Favorite Skid Plate?

    Flatland Racing makes some nice looking heavy duty skid plates, I've had them on a couple of bikes.