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  1. ZéPovinho

    CR footpegs on YZ's. did anyone tried?

    a small bump, and also the description of the product. this is the stuff: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Foot-Pegs-For-Honda-CR-125-250-500-Yamaha-YZ125-250-WR4-/180635080696?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item2a0eb097f8 do you think it is OK for the YZf's?
  2. I saw a set of cheap Cr footpegs on Ebay, and I heard long ago that it could be fitted on the YZ's. did anyone already did it? I know that the fittinf for the YZ/WR is the same for both as far as '99 but I'm no sure
  3. ZéPovinho

    YZ450F '06 Bad Cranks?

    Yet the '06 and '07 share the same serial number......
  4. ZéPovinho

    Advice - YZF, CRF, KXF, RMZ....

    just for fun... go for a 5speed gearbox yamaha, carburated 2006 and up model. the suzuki is also nice and quite reliable, and whith some nice hopp-ups fast, honda can be fast but not as reliable.
  5. the post '06 450's tend to be noisy at idle. if it were a crank problem it would be normal at idling and knocking on a load
  6. ZéPovinho

    '07 YZ450 newbie question

    sorry.......... that chart only came up to the 2006 manual.....which was the one I've owned up to the time I've downloaded the 2007 and 2008 to make sure.
  7. ZéPovinho

    '07 YZ450 newbie question

    I meant the graphic for the springs on the "settings" on the final pages of the manual. so it is not as acurate as this calculator, but based on an average rider comes prety close. another nice tool this calculator.
  8. ZéPovinho

    '07 YZ450 newbie question

    have you tried to match the results whit the graphic on the owners manual?
  9. ZéPovinho

    possible seized pistion on a yz 426

    a seized crank is a comon issue on these bikes
  10. ZéPovinho

    New to me yz400f

    that bike is not meant to sit idle that long. start it up and ride it for a while , if in doubt route the radiator's overflow pipe some where you can see it to see if it still pukes fluid(while riding). it is supposed not to. keep a nice maintenance, if if you're not a top rider keep it simple, use it wisely and you'll have a bike for life
  11. ZéPovinho

    Do they still make supermoto slicks!?

    pirelli makes 150's dot tires whith soft and medium coumpounds http://www.pirelli.com/tyre/ww/en/motorcycle/sheet/diablo_supercorsa_sc.html?url=%3Fsubtype%3Dtrack%26use%3D1 metzeler and bridgestone have 165's
  12. ZéPovinho

    Where to learn to back it in.

    does the bike has a OEM slipping cluch? does the cluch lever moves when you downshift?
  13. ZéPovinho

    any good aftermarket shift levers for '00 400/26??

    are you guys only using the OEM stuff?
  14. does anybody as ever got a good non OEM shift levers for a '00 WR400f? any good or bad input/experiences? Thanks in advance...
  15. ZéPovinho

    which YZ service kit fits '00 WR400f shock

    maybe I should had posted this thread on the suspension forum