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  1. Geoffit

    YZ400F Idler gear questions

    All that looks normal as the gears go check your clutch basket carefully around the rivets in the back
  2. Geoffit

    Piston brand?

    As suggested in an earlier post the best setup for the 14-17 450 is the 2018 piston kit, the piston is 6 grams lighter, is a stronger design, and has a bit more compression, also a better pin with DLC coating. all the valve pockets and angles are the same.
  3. All the motogp engines use ecu controlled exhaust valves these days . In the early 4s MX days some had them to cheat noise tests . I think the next step for dirt bikes has to be ride by wire.
  4. Geoffit

    2014 450 piston cracked

    Just put the 2018 piston in with the Gytr oil jet piston is lighter and way stronger. For hi rpm it is the set up that crack is common on road race/ SM 14+ 450s see the thread on 2018 piston upgrade for more discussion 👉🏼
  5. Geoffit

    2014-2017 piston upgrade

    I would say maybe .2 more on the compression. I cut the head surface .015” The thing with the 18 piston is the weight savings. I have an engine with a cp long rod set up and the piston for that set up is 12g heavier . I just took a 18 piston out of an engine with 15+ hrs of big track road racing on it and it was perfect . The spring retainers are the same on the 18 . If your taking it apart anyway put in the 18 springs , they are cheap and with FT or road racing the springs work hard. Make sure you get the Gytr piston jet as well. The 18 has a new part # for the jet as well but I don’t know if it fits the 16.
  6. Geoffit

    2014-2017 piston upgrade

    The. Porting is a bit different the main change is the engine mount is moved to the back the valves are the same
  7. Geoffit

    2014-2017 piston upgrade

    A follow up for the 14-17 yz 450 owners the 2018 cams are a cost effective drop in for these bikes. Ideally you would replace the valve springs with the 2018 parts as well if your valve springs have time on them (100+) you should replace them anyway . The 2018 cams are very close to the timing and lift of the GYTR cams for the 2014-2017 bikes.🤫
  8. Geoffit

    Some Winter reading

    This is from Australia Yamaha site more detail then our stuff https://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/discover/design-lab/development-story-2018-yz450f
  9. Geoffit

    Pro circuit

    I use my bike for roadracing so its hard to say about the bottom end response. these pipes have a smaller head pipe and long taper compared to the stock pipe which I would expect to smooth out the off idle power delivery.
  10. Geoffit

    Pro circuit

    I have a T6 system as well and it is louder than stock for sure but does pass AMA sound I am told
  11. Right for some reason I thought the 450 was a WR. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  12. The forks could be better (sss type) the front brake would go with the forks ( different mount) the shock would work if the length is close.
  13. Geoffit

    2014-2017 piston upgrade

    Piston fits I have 4 hrs on two of them on a 16 the oil jet would help all the pistons it has two holes with redirected spray pattern for better cooling . I have not had the 18 jet in my hand but i am told it is a production version of the gytr.
  14. Geoffit

    2014-2017 piston upgrade

    Tried to get the oil jet holding screw out but the crank wheel is in the way, if the screw was 2 threads shorter 👹