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  1. Bhavesh

    94 wr250

    I don’t race at all and don’t get me wrong, I am a lifer on my 94. mine is formerly a yz250 with the 2 gallon and I swapped to the 3.4 for range with the WR trans because it’s plated. I went up in the front spring rate with a re-valve for $500ish from factory connection with a service/revalve in the rear. It has a rad valve, hi bend bars, and I have been riding it 4 years now. Just feels like even after all that, the ‘00 I had was just easier to ride and had better power if I was racing. But with a plate I can ride Cleveland national forest, LA-B2V, down the street, but still spin on the noobie track at milestone and more fun in the desert than any big bike, so yeah if it makes you happy, run it.
  2. I put a D-ring in the bed that I run a thick moto chain through the rear wheel or frame Multiple locks sound like it would help...You could also take th front wheel off and bring that in the room at night
  3. Bhavesh

    94 wr250

    I have a 94 YZ that I put a WR transmission into...if I was racing I’d prefer the closer ratio of the YZ and smaller tank so you can get farther up. Suspension soft. My steering head bearings are shot and the bars bounce left to right over the wrong bumps and it yamahops in the rear...you sure you want to race this? Lol
  4. I want to ride Pismo this summer but was told it would destroy my bike...spokes, anything aluminum, and corrosion everywhere besides cleaning down the bike and spraying everything with WD-40, then rinsing with fresh water after, is there anything else I can do? may even rent at this point
  5. Bhavesh

    1993 wr250z linkage.

    it does not the shock fits the inlet, but the dog bone length is different, and the knuckle may be different (which may be what I am after...I will check when my linkage comes off for servicing)
  6. Bhavesh

    1994 YZ250 rim in WR swing arm?

    sooooo dope...thanks @Bricktop72 ! I will just leave the paddle tire on the 19" rim for now than run a motoZ tractionator h/t on the 18" for everything else
  7. Bhavesh

    1993 wr250z linkage.

    ****OLD THREAD BUMP WARNING**** Was anyone ever able to confirm if the 96 linkage fits a 94? the pivot linkage bearing kit is the same part number...so all bolts are the same diameter; but does the rest fit into the swing arm and mount to the shock? $15 shipped off of ebay - I may just order that '96 linkage. I will line it up against '94 linkage, measure them, make sure if fits into the shock, swing arm, and dog bone mounts. If it does, I will have the bearings pushed into the '96 linkage. If not, I will have the bearings pushed into the '94 linkage. I am having my shock serviced (oil, seal, recharge) right now at ESP in La Crescenta, LA...but a good shock is no good without good linkage bearings.
  8. Got a 94 YZ250 and am planning on swapping in a WR250 swing arm for the kickstand mount Anyone know if the YZ 19” rim will fit in the WR swingarm? got a 19” paddle tire, hoping I can mount it on the YZ rim and hit pismo this summer
  9. Bhavesh

    making XR200R street legal

    yeah, way past this project...now I have 2 bikes: 1.) california street legal 1994 YZ250 2-stroke (@cali2t on instagram) - used for dual sport, open desert, single track, and areas that need ground clearance 2.) 2007 Vstrom 650 - For commuting, slab, carrying surf board to the beach, long touring rides
  10. don't buy it with a paper bill of sale...directly to the bank because the seller doesn't own it
  11. Bhavesh

    1997 wr250 suspension update

    was that stock shock all oem spring/valving?
  12. ouch...hard to say...new bikes are just spectacular out of the box I like your plan...just try it a year as you're learning and save the 5 grand
  13. Bhavesh

    1997 wr250 suspension update

    looking good! I'd say you're 95% of the way there...maybe change the valving or increase the spring rate on the rear and you'll be all set well written post as well...highlights all the important parts and +1 on the linkage issue on this generation...the "yamahop"...I may look into scouring for some aftermarket linkages
  14. Bhavesh

    1997 WR250 transmission in 1994 YZ250

    so it's the tighter/slower stuff that I feel once I get into 3rd, I'm going to fast...and end up spending a lot of time in 2nd...and occasionally first hit some socal snow today and it was rideable, but the front tire was ALL OVER the place...forget about touching the front brake...and it would randomly steer in directions you wouldn't expect...and once it started sliding sideways (front AND rear) into the rut, steering and braking were gone, and you were on your way down...immediately. Arm pump galore, and I had a tough time finding a neutral balance point on the bike...I mostly sat with my head over the bars so I could wag the back around...1st/2nd gear max. A solution? change the sprockets past: 15/48 for everything (setup for MX) current: 14/48 thinking: 13/48
  15. Bhavesh

    1997 wr250 suspension update

    so close! and I'm guessing another advantage of the newer forks is the ability to get the big brake kit on the front...can't seem to find the EBC kit for the vintage KYB