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  1. ronbum77

    Need jetting advice on XR650L

    Thanks for the advice guys! I'll post up how it turns out later this week.
  2. ronbum77

    Need jetting advice on XR650L

  3. Okay, I know there is a metric shit ton of info about jetting on this site and other sites, but I just need some help with some of MY jetting questions... I picked up a leftover 09 last week and will be adding a xr's only header and exhaust as well as a uni air filter (smog stuff will also be axed) later this week. I plan on doing dave's mods to the carb and de-snorkling, will I also need to get different jets? I live at ~1500ft (central PA) and most of my riding is around 1500-2500 ft i'd say, so does anyone have recomendations for jetting? Forgive me for my jetting incompetence, but I just need some advice from others with the same set up, similar set ups, or with XRL carb knowledge. ANY HELP is greatly appreciated!!! Also for what its worth, I sold my modded XRR (which runs like a raped ape, sold to a friend so I still get to swing my leg over it ) to get the XRL, thought i'd be dissapointed... but im lovin' every second very impressed with this bike!
  4. i just picked picked up a gpr full system and will show it installed as soon as i can. its for the 690 sm, but it also fits the duke. I wanted more ground clearance and loved the way it look. heres a link to a dyno run on a 690 with the gpr powercon e.
  5. Congrats on the pick up man! I picked mine up back in September, couldn't imagine a sweeter ride... except for sounding like a sewing machine! I'm going with a gpr full system powercone. Its designed for the 690 sm, but I'm going to mod it up. The fmf apex sounds really nice... but if I'm paying 700 bucks for a slip on, I might as well just pay a little more for a full system. Akraprovic looks and sounds best though, but is very expensive.
  6. im looking to buy a new set of bars for my xrr, and i need some advice. Just wondering what you all ran and how you like/dislike them. Im also taller, so I was looking at pro-taper cr high bends, anyone run them? Also, do I have to get new handlebar mounts if I get pro-tapers? or is that just with the pro-taper fat bars? Thanks.
  7. do you have to run the stock backfire screen with this air-filter? and has anyone else tried the new uni that you dont have to use the backfire screen?
  8. OK so I just picked up a xr650r this past weekend, I want to swap out the front forks because they are pretty thrashed. Im looking at a set of 2003 cr125 forks and triples for a good price, and are in pretty good shape (alot better than mine). Will they fit? or will i have to modify? If im not mistaken, I thought that cr125-cr250-crf250-crf450 all had the same suspension set up, please correct me if im wrong. Also, I tried searching, but it just comes up as a page of random letters and text. If anyone has any links to other threads concerning a USD fork swap, it would help me out alot.
  9. ronbum77

    CRF rims fitXR650R?

    Okay, I am just going to stick with the stockers and modify. Thanks!
  10. ronbum77

    CRF rims fitXR650R?

    Just picked up a XR650R, I plan on switching out the standard forks for CRF inverted forks. Am I going to have to get a new front wheel? Or are they the same?
  11. Has ANYONE converted an enduro (WRF CRFX XRR) to the street in PA since January 2007????
  12. ronbum77

    XR650R vs. WR450F

    Does anybody have a speedo on their xr650r? This hard to do? Because right now im leaning towards the XR650, but the WRF's trick computer is just so damn sweet!
  13. ronbum77

    XR650r vs. WR450F

    Well thanks you guys for the replies, but YOU just might have made my decision harder! I have my Triumph for the longer rides (over 50 miles) so my dual-sport/supermoto bike would NEVER see any more miles that 50 at a time. I do like to rip more than your average street rider, and I love moto cross and jumping, the XR i dont think was made for that... The WRF is bred from the YZF and I know its capable of anything I can throw at it. But no matter which way i go, i'll enjoy my new bike.
  14. ronbum77

    Best way to carry more gas.

    I always used the big Aquafina bottles, I believe they are one liter?