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  1. Them sir...are fighting words!![emoji469][emoji469][emoji631][emoji631]
  2. That's the other big draw to LL's Ranch....horses, lots of horses & their riders out on camping events.
  3. Lots of politics!![emoji469][emoji469][emoji631][emoji631]
  4. Help me understand the Tomac/2-stroke commercial. Is that suppose to sell more 4-strokes for Kawasaki??
  5. Damn it Ralf....you can’t have 3 main events...3 moto’s but not 3 main events!!
  6. You know, that track is a horse pasture 90+% of the time. During the national most of the manure is plowed into the track so when it rains, hot & humid in August things really get pungent!! One has to get that mud off right away our it will "etch" the motor, paint, etc. Wicked mud!! Still that race draws participants like flies so to speak!![emoji469][emoji469][emoji631][emoji631]
  7. The 2010 "flood" done a lot of damage to the LL's property. About 12" of rain fell in around 24 hrs. That whole bottom was a lake. The LL's track made a dramatic change that Spring....river Rock everywhere...& it'll be that way from now on!!
  8. dfesmire99

    Govt Shutdown ride - Sunday Jan 27

    Government Shutdown Ride....classy!![emoji469][emoji469][emoji631][emoji631]
  9. W/ LL's only 45 min down the road, seen AC & a lot of other Pro riders there in their younger years many times!! Worse venue on the entire MX circuit simply due to the poor pit area & when (not if) it rains it's a damn mud hole. Still love going there...been going to the Nationals & ATV nationals there the last 20 years!![emoji469][emoji469][emoji631][emoji631]
  10. I spoke w/ my management group there in Commerce, CA this am & they were so happy it was raining for a change. I've traveled in SoCal a lot the past few years so I know it can be some long intervals between rainy days!! Glad your getting some much needed water!!
  11. A$$ hole works really good here in TN!!
  12. "It never rains in California"!!🏁🏁😎
  13. dfesmire99

    Red Death (Revisited)

    . I’ll have to agree, Stewart will be back in the saddle soon. In 2011, we were @ a LL’s regional in CO @ Thunder Valley w/ my son going out for that last practice on Friday afternoon. Came up short on that uphill double on the face of the hill & broke his femur...4” above the knee & 4” below the hip. A rod w/ screws on each end put him back together. Guess he’ll take that to his grave for he says he doesn’t know it’s there. Back on the bike, a Honda 450R, in about 10 weeks, still riding that bike today.[emoji469][emoji469][emoji631][emoji631]
  14. dfesmire99

    Red Death (Revisited)

    Yep...that’s it!![emoji469][emoji469][emoji631][emoji631]
  15. dfesmire99

    Nobody's talking about Kenny getting the Red plate?

    KRoc rode a very smart race....not wanting to throw away another championship!![emoji469][emoji469][emoji631][emoji631]