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  1. resinlips

    Hollister this weekend

    Park is completely open and it will be dry for at least a week.
  2. resinlips

    2015 ktm 450 exc engine failure

    Yes, not in the states though
  3. resinlips

    Meadows of the Kennedys weekday trip 9-14ish

    Great info thanks, we'll just be on a day shot from RidgeCrest, moteling it and riding Ballarat the day before.
  4. resinlips

    Meadows of the Kennedys weekday trip 9-14ish

    Any of you helpful types like to give me info on where to stage? I'll be in the area on the 15th and have never ridden the place. I have the trails mapped out that I want to hit that are all west of Bald Mtn. Can I stage at Troy Meadows and head south west on Mahogany Crk trail? How far past the KM store is Troy Meadows? Some of the loops Im looking at are longish and I'm not sure if they are even OHV. If you've got info id appreciate some, if not I'm going to find out for myself anyway. When its 90 down in RidgeCrest how hot will it be up in the forest? Also is Sherman Pass Rd ridable w/o a plate, or use it for a mechanical or medical situation.
  5. resinlips

    2014 ktm 350xcf-w front number plate

    On my 2013 I just ordered a Polysport front plate for an XCF. It uses the center bolt instead of the fork tube straps. I remember needing a longish bolt and made a sleeve to space the plate off the computer.
  6. Has anyone seen a map showing the boundaries of the affected areas? I'd like to see it on a map before getting my panties rolled up. Linky?
  7. resinlips

    Windy gap trail 69 at Lake Pillsbury

    http://s93.photobucket.com/user/resinator2012/library/ Attempting to share some photo bucket images Ok that worked I guess, All the posted trailhead signs say highway plated vehicles only during those closure months. We were caught in a snow flurry right when we arrived at the base of the blown out wide rocky spot. I made it up that section on a DRZ that day but only 100yrds further was where I maxed out. The orange bikes didn't even attempt the rocks . Great adventure, beautiful scenery, we DS rode from MC campground.
  8. resinlips

    Windy gap trail 69 at Lake Pillsbury

    2yrs ago coming down from the top, the brush was thick and passable. I had a blast, but most would consider it complete torture. And there was a blown out section that slid down into one of the water crossings that was super difficult to get the bikes up onto the trail heading east. We had to dig and drive branch's into the hillside forming a makeshift retaining wall. And going westbound climbing up Hull Mtn, that loose rocky no traction for a mile section is so overgrown there's no way to carry any momentum. Boil over Immanent.
  9. resinlips

    Where to Dual Sport ride when at Lake Nacimiento?

    Unfortunately not. Indians Rd from Arroyo Seco Rd down to Hunter Liggett is the ultimate connector for making a dual sport loop from Carmel Valley and Hwy1. It can be poached, but with severe consequences. And regarding Lake Naci, there is a BLM area called "Williams Hill" that is open to OHV's, shooting, and camping. Its just a couple miles north of Lockwood. You can have some fun there on a few trails and rail the dirt roads. I agree with staying at the lake per the high temps. I only ride that area when it's less than 80 degrees
  10. resinlips

    Buying 2012 KTM 450 XC-W

    My 2013 has 150hrs and runs like new. Valves have stayed in spec since day1. If you were in Calif. it would sell immediately for the six grand, I've ridden many bikes, and they got it right with the fuel injected 450xcw's.
  11. resinlips

    Need for a fuel sock?

    I hate my fuel sock, what a major pain to fill the tank. But I'll never go with out it after finding 2 earwig bugs and other particles of debris. My problem lies with crap that ends up in the filler neck of my gas can.
  12. resinlips

    Handguard dilemma...

    I've always used the standard "U" clamps with ProBends, on Blue, green, yellow, and orange bikes with minimal issues. Every time I see the CRM on a bike I've wondered why they went with that kind. I can't disagree about the threaded bar ends, that would be sweet if they were standard issue.
  13. resinlips

    Handguard dilemma...

    You must be anti Cycra Probend for some reason. I found the Zeta plastic shields not large enough to keep my hands from getting wacked so I integrated the Zeta leds into my probend shields. I crash the brush a lot, and endo off shit all the time and I've never bent a mount or broken a shield. Thinking back I did break fracture a hand guard hitting a tree when it was only 30 degrees out.