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    How have your products from fox been?

    Well I made this post when I sent the email below, and I am still waiting for a response, or even any time of acknowledgement... Hi, I'm taking time to show you how some of my recent products from Fox have been holding up. To put it in not-so-many-words I have been let down with the overall durability of your more recent products. I have been purchasing Fox over the years based on brand loyalty, reputation, and my prior experiances with solid gear. I am sad to say this is beginning to change, as many of my riding buddies are also suffering from busted seams, and things that in general get clapped-out WAY too quickly. I dont know what is happening but I want products that last, like another pair of my old Forma Pro boots or the great wet-suites you used to make (I still wear mine) and its almost old as me! Attached are pictures of my f3 boots, and a pair of gloves with about 5 rides on them. Both are blown out, and the problem areas are obvious. The concerning thing to me is that these are not isolated incidents, I literally have a small pile in my garage of blown out Fox gear I can no longer use (all of which should still be in service). That pile prompts this email. I cant AFFORD to keep buying your stuff with how long it lasts. If you would like to see the pile firsthand it is of no use to me, and I can drop it off at your office next time I'm home. Looking forwards to your response. Again I'm not writing this to trash talk, just saying I'm bummed with how my recent Fox stuff is holding up. I'll keep you guys posted. Kind of disappointing...
  2. Just wondering if I am the only one? My stuff is literally falling apart. Boots, pants, gloves, socks, knee pads, you name it, its falling apart way too quickly! Anyone else out there?
  3. Cool deal, glad to hear people are getting good life from these bikes. I already ordered the CS seal and oring, along with a new chain, some sprockets, brake pads and a spark plug. I did not order a Ktm front sprocket though? Any reason I should have? Lets keep this thread going with hours and/or miles on your bikes, along with your basic maint. schdule.
  4. Glad to hear that. What has your service schedule been like? Any major replacements, or break downs?
  5. Just wondering what kind of lifespan I should be expecting from this bike. I change the oils every 20-30 hours. The bike gets commuter miles during the week, along with some random 200-300 mile sumo rides. On the weekend It gets ridden in dirt and occasionally raced. All of the road riding is done with a cush hub. Valves have been adjusted once, and the motor otherwise has never been opened up except for a new warranty camshaft. Only problem so far is that my countershaft seal has began to leak after a muddy enduro last weekend. Just deciding if I should sell this one while everything is working great and buy a used 2009, 2010 or 2011 (are the changes worthit?) To have a low hour bike again. Is there any immediate maintainance I should be worried about? and who has the most hours on one of these? Its rare to see them over 100 hours of 4000 miles.
  6. hondakid135

    Starter turns over when you pull in the clutch?

    Yeah, i thought it was the starter button also, but I still had the same problem even when the starter button was unplugged.
  7. What is going on here? whenever I pull in the clutch the starter motor turns over, regardless of the engine running or not. I thought it was a bad starter switch at first, so I unplugged it but the problem is still there. can anyone give me an idea of what i going on? I am terrible at troubleshooting electrical. the bike is an 04 if that helps.
  8. hondakid135

    09 ktm 450 exc low oil?

    There was a new piston design for 2010 to help this problem, I'm about to put one in my bike, anyone know where to get a deal on a new piston kit?
  9. It leaves a black tarnish lol. What is the best way to get this off of the inside of the frame in the recessed casting areas? Is there a good chemical clener?
  10. hondakid135

    Will a 12 t countershaft sprocket fit?

    Just wondering if It will clear fine, using a did vt2 chain. Will the smaller sprocket wear the slider and chain out faster? I would like to run tiny sprockets for good clearance in the back. Thanks.
  11. hondakid135

    maximum chain width?

    Ok, so it looks like D.I.D. is the only company who makes a sealed chain for the bike, (T ring) What is the difference between the VT and VT2 chains? Just a new generation?
  12. hondakid135

    maximum chain width?

    Im ordering some sprockets from dirttricks and they only carry regina chains, I'm wondering if the ZRH chain will fit my x? Pin length is 20.6 mm. Here is a link to the chain: http://www.reginachain.it/eng/products/production_range/scheda_zr.shtml I would prefer not to run a countershaft spacer, Im thinking it would mess up my chain line if I did.
  13. I usually go with state farm, they seem to have good deals for my bikes
  14. hondakid135

    How should I fix this wheel?

    ok, I'll weld it and cross my fingers, because I'm going to dove springs next week and cant afford a new wheel at the moment. Whats better, dove springs or jaw bone?
  15. Its just wide enough that I can get my fingernail in the crack, and right where the rim was originally welded together... If its going to be welded, I have to do it tomorrow so fast replies would be appreciated... so... tig weld it up, or let it be? BTW this if off my 650r. http://i519.photobucket.com/albums/u354/RobertoGatos/P1010928.jpg http://i519.photobucket.com/albums/u354/RobertoGatos/P1010927.jpg http://i519.photobucket.com/albums/u354/RobertoGatos/P1010925.jpg