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  1. georgeforeman

    pipe question

    basically all pipes are the same. its jsut the jetting that is used with the pipe. all the pipe does is relieve exhaust flow. a pipe without jetting would pretty much be a waste of money.
  2. georgeforeman

    BBR Rev Box

    search it lol. like everyone says. but imo they dont do jack. everyone has their opinions...
  3. georgeforeman

    Plated CR500

    wow...the plate makes the price go up a grand lol
  4. its to prevent your airbox from catchin fire i believe. not to prevent dirt from getting in your motor.?
  5. georgeforeman

    My CRF 250s

    nice bikes
  6. georgeforeman

    What Should I PAY???

    buy used. pay 2500-3500
  7. georgeforeman


    sprockets. tires. de-baffled+air filter+jetting.
  8. georgeforeman

    Son is ready to upgrade, 125 or 250f?

    btw my dad has a kdx200 and i rode it right after riding my 125 and it was so smooth. haha. my 125 rides great in rocky trails. i ahvent fouled a plug yet...
  9. georgeforeman

    Son is ready to upgrade, 125 or 250f?

    get him on a kdx200. perfect bike. smooth, plenty of low end power. easy to lug. PLENTY of mods.
  10. georgeforeman

    wont start

    change the plug for a fresh spark. and clean the carb. + if its e start does it crank over? if not new battery or recharge it
  11. georgeforeman

    2015 Mx bike...almost sure ! ?

    but can you imagine being in a stadium and watching soundless bikes go around the track.
  12. georgeforeman

    2015 Mx bike...almost sure ! ?

    electric bikes would take life out of supercross and motocross
  13. georgeforeman

    body protection what do you use?

    sixsixone coresaver
  14. georgeforeman

    whuja get for christmas??

    i got socks boxers desert tank itunes gift cards money guitar hero ummm shirts idk what else