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  1. bruno670

    Conditions at Tin Cup?

    Riding Evart Sunday, should be there around 10am. Come join us.
  2. bruno670

    Saw some bikes getting impounded!

    Lake County-come for vacation, leave on probation.
  3. bruno670

    2009 200xc headlight questions

    EE has the light-- plug and play.
  4. bruno670

    New addition

    Now? Heck I've felt old the past 20 years!!!
  5. bruno670


    My son went up there last weekend and it was still closed. That is all the information I can give you.
  6. bruno670

    New addition

    Well, I guess we will have to change the name of Womanrider to Grandmarider. Little girl 7lbs 4 oz Lydia Marie.
  7. bruno670

    hare scrambles-michigan

    There are more Enduro riders here than harescramblers. Come ride Jack Pine! No plate required!
  8. bruno670

    Help some tourist's from Canada

    wwwdotextremepower-sportsdotcom/ for information and directions.
  9. bruno670

    Help some tourist's from Canada

    $16.25usd from any bike shop or hunting/fishing or major retailer who sells hunting fishing licenses. (Note: Gaylord just south of Indian River has 2 MC shops and they sell preprinted permits. The permits at Walmart are printed while you wait and the ink fades.)
  10. bruno670

    Official Thread: 2009 Michigan Woman’s Ride

    Heidi, Did you get your bike fixed?
  11. bruno670

    Drummond Island 09

    You're my hero. Only person I know that can weld tin foil.
  12. bruno670

    Toughest single track in N.L. Michigan?

    Rick, if he thought that Tomahawk was tough he would think that the eastern UP would be impossible. TJ, Jim and I had a blast there yesterday. Jim decided that he needed to lay down with his bike halfway. TJ took photos and should post them soon.
  13. bruno670

    Riders for welcom me ?

    Sunday Creek MX in Chauncy, OH. Fun track to ride. SE Ohio.
  14. bruno670

    Official Thread: 2009 Michigan Woman’s Ride

    Heidi and Her potty Is this the pot you speak of?
  15. bruno670

    Official Thread: 2009 Michigan Woman’s Ride

    Sorry Cori, my life did NOT flash before my eyes... Maybe LuLu's did.