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  1. Bob_N.

    2003 450R Freshening up

    Thanks for the info. I know the previous owner didn't take the best of care with it, but I know it wasn't leaned on hard. I know the top end needs to be done in the near future. Thanks, Bob
  2. Bob_N.

    2003 450R Freshening up

    Hello all, just looking for some direction. Have an 03 450R that I am wanting to do a top end rebuild. I have been considering a 488 big bore kit versus a stock bore and stock cam versus a stage one, two, or three cam. What pro's and cons do you fellow riders have regarding them. I am just a weekend motocross rider that doesn't race but maybe once or twice a year. What differences do the combinations do to the power delivery and so on. Thanks, Bob
  3. Be aware you get what you pay for. Torque wrenches have to be stored set at "0" and should be calibrated every couple of years or annually if you use one regularly. The old beam style are what I call "in the ballpark". Snap On and other high end tool makers are usually manufactured by the same place then labeled. I would not buy one used unless you know the previous owners. Just do some research and compare warranty and if they are calibrated from the factory. Bob
  4. Bob_N.

    Any tips on jumping?

    Start small then progressively get larger. Don't try and clear the supercross triple on the first attempt.........
  5. I used to do the same thing. I had to train myself to ride on the balls of my feet as much as possible. I still catch myself from time to time. Another tip, try to have all the braking done before you enter the turn. You want to accelerate through the turn instead of braking in the turn.
  6. Bob_N.

    250 or 450

    Just my opinion, a 250F would be easier than a two stroke, but the maintenance costs are higher than a 125 two stroke. The few 250F's I have ridden needed to be revved like a 125 two stroke. I currently ride an 03 Honda 450 and it is easy to me, but I rode the old school thumpers on MX tracks for years.
  7. Bob_N.

    increase--13.5/1 piston

    Compression has to be matched with a cam and possible porting. The use of higher octane will be needed also. Compression will help bottom end power.
  8. Bob_N.

    dream bikes

    That would be it!!! I wonder if the truck will last another 5 years..........
  9. Bob_N.

    Cam chain problem

    First guess is too much slack and it hopped off the sprockets.
  10. Bob_N.

    Title transfer on dirt bike

    If you can, contact the two previous owners and see if they will sign the needed forms. If not, contact the DMV or place that deals with title transfers and explain the situation. I had a car like that and ended up having to go through the bonded title process which is quite a pain. Since then I have never purchased anything unless it is titled in the sellers name. I then verify where signatures need to be. The forms are probably available online. $600 is a great price, but if you cant get it titled in your name, then you can't register it for street use. Bob
  11. XR's are timeless. They will last forever and are easy to ride. I owned a few of them. Can't go wrong with an XR!
  12. Bob_N.

    2005 yz250 reeds?

    Back when I rode a two stroke, I had the Boysen 2 stage reeds. That with the FMF pipe on my 1996 KX 250 seemed to smooth out the power delivery. Just my 2 cents worth.
  13. Bob_N.

    78% Nitrogen in Tires

    Add round molecule nitrogen, if you use square molecule the rough edges will wear out your inner tubes. The 78% mix is spot on though. Just watch out when you add the nitrogen air mix, it can expand under heat. If that happens, you can run the wet nitrogen blends.
  14. Bob_N.

    MX Track Business

    It will have to be set up as a business. If you charge any kind of fee to ride, the government is going to want their share. I was part of a track start up years ago, and the first time an ambulance was called, the city immediately came and shut it down because they were not notified about it. Although it was on private property, the city still wants their "say so", or their portion of revenues. If you build any sort of structure, you will be required to pull construction permits, which means anything done will have to be done by a licensed contractor, be inspected by the city, and again, cost more and more money to maintain. It takes more than just a track. If anyone rides on it, they will need to sign a waiver releasing you from any liability. The waivers do not protect you from gross negligence. The insurance end is even more complex. Just be careful.
  15. When did all the diesel emissions become mandated? My 04 Ford 6 liter had none of that. I know that the emissions will force price up, power down, and inflate operating costs. We just got back a couple of weeks ago from a family trip. We had rented a class "A" RV with the Triton V-10, and in that configuration, I was very disappointed,. The wife likes the motorhome over the trailer idea, so I may end up buying an RV and stick with a trailer for the toys. Now....... back to the gas/ diesel debate!