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  1. that is cool man, i hope that my wife can pass the riding test so we can go ride like that, she will (if passing) my drz400s that i will have too lower and i will be riding my sm510. take care great pix too. joe
  2. hey man do what you feel is right first, but i think you should get this bike if it is in good shape, do the jet kit,tires and 3x3 mod. that bike is very easy to ride and you can drop it on the trails and the bike keeps on going, very foregiving. i got the 06' 400s with tard wheels on mine that i commute with every day. good all around bike for the money. oh by the way check bluebook price on it too. take care man and good luck joe
  3. hey just got the tank fixed, what ims said was to file the two screw holes down where the on-off valve bolts up, so there would be an even surface. now it doesnt leak. the tank is a pretty nice and light. just thought you guys would want an update. take care joe
  4. hey guys, i just bought a sm510 05' and there are some great links to buy after market stuff, but im looking for an after market led taillight, one like what is my drz400s 06' that i got from wheeling cycle supply,also mx excel rims for it too.if possible? last, what is the rebuild maintenance on the bike? i know the drz is just about bullet proof. thanks guys up front. take care joe
  5. hey guys, i bought an ims tank for my 06' drz-400 and the f**k'in thing leaks at the on -off valve. yes i know not too over tighten the bolts on the valve. so i feel that maybe i got a deffective tank. i will be calling tomorrow about getting the tank taken care of. the tank was about $220.00 through tt. is there something im missing?take care joe
  6. no i haven't man, those are nice. i might just change my order and see if they are available, but i have those bar end sliders. i didn't look at the pic good enough, i see that you have hand guards. did you cut the grip back more for the mirror? take care joe
  7. sorry, i havent check this post in a while but i think they are? i just wanted another option to the stock holes on the drz levers. the holes are lame, and there are some better and lighter mirrors out there,this one that i like, but have not been able to get because of back order. by the way there is some very good ideas tho. thanks guys. take care, joe http://www.dual-star.com/index2/Equipment/adjustable_mirror5.htm
  8. thanks budman. take care. joe
  9. hey budman38, it looks good. i have the same taillight, speedo, front disc, and rims. i'm very impressed with the stuff, so far. my bike i have drz400s 06. on my stock rims a have the 606's they do pretty well off road. what tires are you running on the tard wheels?
  10. Thumperer i like your bike. hey where did you get your fork guards at? also delecoy i like the mileage on the girls bike take care guys joe
  11. here is my drz-400s on tard wheels. also one with my dirt tires in the back of my truck after riding at walker valley. http://picasaweb.google.com/goboness/02112007/photo#5030398010626440354 http://picasaweb.google.com/goboness/12312006/photo#5030398345633889490
  12. Well i'm happy that you got it fixed, i think i will do the same and put that dielectric grease on all the connectors so i can try not to do that again.
  13. Thanks for the responses. Man, I forgot about that rear brake switch., But -- at least I could, I guess, use the rm clutch lever and cut the hole mount without cutting into the mastercylinder. I just wonder if they make an after-market brake mount for the drz without the mirror hole and with the brake switch (becuase I do need my rear tail light). I will be using after-market Dual Star adjustable mirrors instead of those biga** heavy stock mirrors.. Take care, Joe
  14. I want to use the rm brake and clutch mounts and use the zeta clutch and brake levers on my drz-400 so i can get rid of the mirror holes on the stock drz brake and clutch mounts. is this possible?
  15. Rms is a lame place- my buddy's bike is still in the shop there and they can't seem to figure it out what the problem is. They didn't put my tire on the right direction either, or even better- on the right rim! And he is losing riding time as we speak (now two weeks in). The bar might be fun tho?
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