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  1. WRX Boy

    I need a Hebo/AJP clutch rebuild kit

    Most people I know try and support their local dealers. Did you look at the "Dealers" page on the AJPAmerica website? It lists all of their authorized dealers. Personally, I've used LewistportUSA in the past and always been happy with their service.
  2. WRX Boy

    help picking a SM + street + trail

    The only 2 stroke I can think of with electric start is a KTM, and the model with it is not a budget bike.
  3. WRX Boy

    what all will I need to SM this ?

    The cheapest route, get a set of Bridgestone BT45's for the stock wheels and run it with them. The other way would be wheels and tires, brake rotor and relocator bracket would be my suggestion to start you off. Brake line, sliders (unless you are hitting a track right away, then you will need them), fork valving can all wait until you decide if it is something you want to dive deeper into.
  4. WRX Boy

    decision time

    My pick from your list, for what you described, would be the Husky 610. Its more dirt-able than the DR650 and the last XT660 I saw. It has more power and is a bit better set up for the foad than the DRZ (in my opinion, I owned a DRZ for 5 years) and the maintenance is lower than the WR or KLX. That said, the WR would be my second choice as it is fairly bullet proof and would be a bit more fun in the dirt, but with more of your riding being on the street, it moves it down to #2. If you have not done so yet, get over to supermotojunkie.com. In the "Street Tarders" section of the forums, there are a few threads that go over the pros and cons for most of the common bikes depending on your planned usage. Only thing is you have to register on the forums there before you can browse them.
  5. WRX Boy

    Stm slipper clutch replacement ball bearings

    I can't tell you where to get them, but it might be worth a shot emailing STM directly and maybe they can tell you what size the bearings are. Then just pick them up locally. You can also try emailing Joe at Motostrano and see if he can measure one for you. Joe has always been pretty helpfull to me when I have asked.
  6. WRX Boy

    Will a Slipper Clutch Prolong Tire Wear

    A slipper clutch might help the chirp on downshifting, but it won't do much for tire wear. I would suggest blipping the throttle when you downshift. That should stop the tire chirps and is much cheaper than a slipper clutch. However, if you are routinely backing your bike into corners and doing lots of trackdays on it, get the slipper. It makes backing it in soooo much easier, its almost like cheating. As for the tire wear, that is about average for a supermoto specific tire. If you are concerned about prolonging tire wear, get yourself some longer lasting tires. The downfall there is that they won't be as sticky as the SM specific tires.
  7. WRX Boy

    Front brake ideas?????

    I'd highly recommend the EBC 320mm kit for that. Comes with the rotor and caliper bracket and runs right arond $200. Throw some new pads in and you are set. If you do go with a 320mm front rotor, just remember that you need to remove the inner brake pad, then install the caliper, then slip the inner brake pad in. Its about the only way with the stock DRZ caliper to get it on a 320 rotor.
  8. WRX Boy

    is this a good deal?

    Man, I wish I were closer to you. That is a screaming price.
  9. WRX Boy

    Step Seat

    Well, SDG does not list your bike, but Guts Racing makes a kit for everything under the sun. If you send them your stock seat pan, they will install it all for you and ship it back.
  10. WRX Boy

    is this a good deal?

    Sounds so good I suspect a scam...
  11. WRX Boy

    beringer 4 pot setup

    I have a Brembo caliper that is the same way, no separate bleeder. The banjo bolt however has a bleeder on the top of it. Maybe try and find a similar banjo bolt. No personal experience with the Beringer stuff so I cannot be of more help.
  12. WRX Boy

    post your Supermoto Pitbikes

    Here is my kids' bike.
  13. WRX Boy

    ktm conversion

    You most likely will not need a steering dampner. Lots of money to solve a problem you most likely will not have. All the supermoto street riding, racing and track days I have done over the last 4 years, I have only seen 1 bike in person with a steering dampner and it was on a street bike for th "bling" factor. I have not seen one on any of the guys bikes that I race with. Sliders (axle, footpeg and even muffler) like mentioned above are cheap insurance. Get good street riding gear. Dirt gear is comfy, but does not last long sliding on asphalt.
  14. WRX Boy

    DRZ400E chain guide 39-52t help please

    Are you talking about the lower rear chain guide or the front of the swingarm chain slider? On my DRZ-S, I run a 39t with the sm setup and a 50t with the dirt setup and have no issues. I have 2 chains, 1 for each setup, and that has worked out well.
  15. Open practice trackday at Prairie City. Thursday, October 24th. Hours are 1pm-6pm, $30. As always, sliders and catch cans are required. The dirt section may be open, but there will be pavement only sessions also. Track is open to all supermoto bikes and mini road racers. Rental bikes are available through Brok McAllister of California Supermoto Schools. Contact him for info or to reserve a bike: http://www.supermotoschools.com/ If you have any questions about bike equipment or riding gear, feel free to post here or email me directly at wrxboy@pcsupermoto.com Hope to see you out there, Matt Disclaimer: I am only posting about this event in hopes that they will continue. I do not receive any monetary benefits from these track days.