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    Contractive suspension-Shortening the beast

    You know what really sucks is that when I first bought my WR I could just barely put my toes on the ground and had to start it by putting down the kickstand. It finally settled after a year and a half of beating it down with my 210lb massiveness, and I could even kick it over without the stand. This weekend I ripped it apart for a complete service...while I was at it I removed the sub-frame and set my shock compression so that my sag was correct. Damn...now my blue monster is back to it's original height and I can just barely touch the ground again, not to mention I'm back on the kickstand again. Decisions...Decisions...Man I don't want to take it apart again.... Bonzai..
  2. YamaCazi

    pro taper question

    Hey Guy's....Is there a fatigue factor with the Scotts when doing alot of close in work and tight fast turns while doing scrambles? I know the Scotts has an on the fly adjustment(which is why I'm leaning in that direction).
  3. YamaCazi

    grease points on front and rear brakes

    What Lube points would those be ? Tell me you didn't put grease in the Hydraulic Bleed Valve's. Bonzai....
  4. YamaCazi

    Lube Warning !

    For those of you who have purchased pre-owned 400/426 and don't know exactly how the bearings have been maintained...Check your Bearings ! This also applies to folks like me who bought new and were told "Ah, there ok Yamaha lubes them up good and should last about a year before you need to tear it down". I tore my WR down to the frame this weekend and did not like what I found. The front brarings looked like mabe someone might have sprayed some WD-40 on them when they were first installed. The rear was ok as I had serviced them a few months earlier, but the swing arm bearings were toast. some of the roller bearings had broken free of their position inside the rubber sleve's. It took about 4 hours of labor to completely service all the bearings on my WR. Plus $200 in new tools, (2)22mm Wrenches(2)22mm Deep Well Sockets and 5lb-100lb Torque Wrench (All Craftsman...I know I could have gone to Joes Flea market and spent mabe $50. but I'm a stickler when it comes to good tools) At my local $75.00 per hour shop rate I still saved money and the tools have already paid for themselves. The WR manual is good...start from the assembly process and work backward and the swing arm service is a breeze. The disassembly process documented in the book isn't very well documented. I used marine grade lithium grease on all my bearings, because I tend to spend more time in the water for some reason and don't want to re-do my bearings after every trip. Thanks to those who answered my questions this weekend. I am again ready to rock-n-roll for next weekend....Thanks Bonzai...
  5. YamaCazi

    Removing "O" Ring Chain Link

    What are you guys talking about....Chain Brakers and sledge Hammers....Man what overkill. Dude I change chains almost every weekend...Mostly for others that come up to my race trailer asking for help.... Do yourself a favor go out and purchase the cheapest Dremmel tool you can find and a box of grinding wheels. Grind the heads off the link you want to change and then pry the link apart with a flat tim screw driver. If your working on a 400/426 chain (520) it is a snap. If you are going to put a new master link in you will need a cheap hand held chain compressor to get the locking clip back on.... It's not rocket science....
  6. YamaCazi

    Big Blue Touch up Paint

    Got it....Thanks Dude.... Bonzai...
  7. YamaCazi

    99 Gray wire question

    I found and cut the old gray wire demon last night durin mainenance. In the manual it shows the black connector comming off the cdi at the bottom with the Black/White and the Gray wire. In the diagram it shows only the Black/White wire running out the other side. However the gray wire comes out the other side of the connector and appears to head to the rear of the bike. I cut the wire on the exit side of the connector. Anyone know where this wire goes when it exits the connector.....(The manual doesn't) Bonzai....
  8. YamaCazi

    Big Blue Touch up Paint

    Anybody Know how to get some touch up paint to match 'ol Blue. I tore the beast down last night and noticed that on some of the welds the paint has come off where the joints have flexed and the side of the frame where my boots rubbed the paint off (Before Frame Guards) have some surface rust starting. I just couldn't handle ol'Blue with the red cancer..... Also does anyone know the size of the swing arm nut. I know it's bigger than a 21mm, I'll need to buy a socket for it and would rather not by a whole set.... Bonzai.....
  9. YamaCazi


    If the oil is that high, It should be venting overboard out the breather tube and making a hell of a mess?
  10. YamaCazi


    Jason, Yes you can remove a link. Over time the DID chain that comes stock will flex and strech a bit. Bill's measurement method is good and it works. I use either a cut off 2x4 piece (1.50 inches wide) slipped between the chain and the swingarm guard (gives you 1.75" slack). If i'm in the field and need to do it I use the same method that Bill uses. Bonzai.....
  11. YamaCazi

    Power Washers

    How is old Mike68 anyway....anybody know how much longer until his self imposed exile ends?
  12. YamaCazi

    Power Washers

    Bill, I've got a 3600 psi Generac that does a great job that I found in a pawn shop for $125.00 . A friend of mine has hooked it up to his gravity feed tank on the back of his trailer twice and it did fine. He say's that the Generac and the brand they sell at walmart (Can't remember the brand right now) will both work with the G-feed because they both have recycler pumps on them. I know it's nice when he rides with us, wash on site and chill out when we get to the house.
  13. YamaCazi


    Call or e-mail me I have a question for you...Thanks Bonzai...
  14. YamaCazi

    SirCam--Virus Alert

    If you are getting e-mail from people you do not know, then the best thing to do is to burn it. Several of these destructive attachments are not real viruses in the true scense of the word because it doesn't attack on it's own, you have to help it along by launching an executable file. The new generation of hacks are nowhere near as good as their predicessors. These guys are copy cats, which is good for most people because they always use the same delivery vehicle. If you were using MS Outlook as your mail client you could setup rules to block attachments with certin extensions and place users on the "Junk Mail" list as further protection. Additionally you should be using a creditable Anti-virus program and keep the virus definition files up to date. This will ensure that when one of these Junior hacks trows one of these things out here you will be protected. Good Luck..... Bonzai.....
  15. YamaCazi

    SirCam--Virus Alert

    If you did NOT open the attachment you are fine. If you are using MS Outlook, goto the tools/rules wizard and create a rule to automatically delete any message that contains the subject of the message and you will not see another. I am a network engineer by trade and have been cleaning this thing up for two days...Blocked the exchange server and they brought it in thru personal internet e-mail....Be Careful Bonzai.....