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  1. moto113

    Awsome New Graphics!

    yea im really happy with how these graphics came out, especialy the seat. Its also my first time doing this, so i guess its pretty good =]...cant wait to hit up the track!!
  2. I finally got new graphics, and finished installing them. Tell me what you think. Before: After:
  3. moto113

    Motocross Music?

    Champion by Grinspoon Really good song for a dirtbiking movie. When your done lets see it =]...and you should use this song, trust me lol
  4. moto113

    worlds youngest backflipper

    thats insane !!!
  5. moto113

    50ft double... here we go, big!

    nice dude!
  6. moto113

    1 KTM and 2 Yamahas

    i just wanna go riding sooo bad
  7. moto113

    before and after Kx250f

    sikk bike man, good job on it
  8. moto113

    Our backyard track

    thats awsome, keep him practicing
  9. moto113

    Area51 Training Compound...

    sweet jumps
  10. moto113

    Post Pics Of Your Husqvarnas.

    man i love the huskies
  11. moto113

    *Pics* 2007 KTM 125 SX

    nice bike u have there
  12. moto113

    my new pitbike

    that thing looks pretty sikk
  13. moto113

    Goon riding my 144SX!

    awsome pics!!
  14. moto113

    Pitster Pro Pics

    i can see them, and they look awsome