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  1. 1979 XR75 1980 IT125 1999 XR650L 2002 XR80 (still have) 2004 KX100 (still have) 2003 CRF450R (still have) 2006 XR70 2004 Blaster 2004 TRX450R (still have) 2006 LTZ400 (still have) 2005 TRX90 2007 Rincon 680 (still have) 2005 FJR1300ABS (still have) 2007 XL1200L (still have)
  2. jbobb

    Best Exhaust

    I always run my E2 with the spark arrestor in. Using the open end only makes it louder. You cannot notice a difference on a TRX with only a cam and stock header. It is a good slip-on with a noticeable improvement over the stock can. I had the WB pro full system before. That was even better than the E2 but was too loud. The improvement was not worth noise. Do not get a pipe that is over 96 db.
  3. jbobb

    How powerful is your Pressure Washer?

    flow rate is as important as pressure. The best pressure washers put out 2.8 gpm or more. The best pump is a Cat Pump. These will last forever and can be rebuilt easily. Honda engine of course. Best ones are the "GX" models rather than the "GC" models. This all puts you up into the $500 + range but you have a tool that will last forever. Be careful about some of the cheaper ones....if a pump part goes out, you throw the whole unit away. If you have a good pump that puts out some decent flow, 2000 psi is enough to do most jobs. You can also get a turbo nozzle that takes the fine high pressure beam and rotates it around. Great for driveways. Nice ones can be seen at Northern Tool and bepressure.com. Useful for heavy mud around engine and tires, etc with wide beam nozzle. No spraying into bearing areas as the guys are saying unless you like to rebuild frequently.
  4. Has anybody else noticed this? Manual says to add 550 mL (If I remember correctly). Also says that when checking, add oil slowly until it comes out of check bolt hole. When I add the amount the manual says, no oil shown up at the check bolt hole. Seems like I need to put in about 660 mL before it does.
  5. jbobb

    SERIOUS Kibblewhite Valve Problems

    Oh man. I heard about this. I don't see that the cause has been identified. Options are bad valves, CCT failure, installation problem?? Seems that installation should have been correct being done by an experienced Honda guy with a great reputation. I had this same shop guy do mine to save me the time. I however had an 04 piston installed with new stock valves and springs. I have thought many times about putting in the 04 CCT as well. I may do that before I start riding the CRF much as it dries out here. I'll stay with the TRX for the dunes ............... If I could just get 60Hp out of the TRX without it ending up looking like your pics!
  6. jbobb

    Need some Help TT

    I will be of no help answering your question but lots of guys here will know. I just want to thank you for your service over there . God Bless and come home safe .
  7. Well the PMB silent insert for the WRs is 1.7" diameter. The inside diameter for the WB pipe is 1-15/16 inches. I'm not sure yet what size the "large diameter" PMB insert is. The WR one would work if I used something (like section of radiator hose???) to take up the 1/8" space that would be around it. Also Cobra has many variations of their spark arrestors that look like a good match if the diameter is correct. I just need to knock a few db off periodically.
  8. jbobb

    Needle Removal for HRC kit?

    here: http://www.servicehonda.com/hard%20parts/atv/trx450r%20%2704/2004trx450r.pdf
  9. I have the aluminum version on my TRX450R. [Guys I just have the quad because of where I live. It is for the dunes only.] Made a huge difference. However, I got a ticket last Sunday for excessive noise. The guy was very cool about it and gave me a $15 "fix-it" ticket. The WB pipe tested at 98 db. My buddy was there with his CRF with stock pipe. It tested at 97 db. The limit in the dunes set by the US Forest Service is 93 db. I could put the entire stock pipe back on and just barely meet 93 db according to the ranger. I would rather try to find a quiet insert for the WB pipe and get down to 95 db or so which they would let slide. I am waiting for a response to email sent to ProMotoBillet to see if any of the ones he makes will fit. Has anyone tried anything like this and had success?
  10. jbobb

    Progrip goggle lens delamination

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showflat.php?Cat=0&Board=UBB29&Number=1068288&Forum=UBB29&Words=pro-grip&Match=Entire%20Phrase&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=allposts&Main=1068288&Search=true#Post1068288 I have switched back to Scott. After the lens problem, then the volume being insufficient for glasses (after Pro-Grip assurred me they were designed to be OTG before I bought them) I have delegated their eye protection duty to my son's eyes. I will not buy them again.
  11. jbobb

    Stock Gearing

    Final drive consists of a 14 tooth countershaft sprocket and a 38 tooth rear sprocket. It was better for me to go 13/38.
  12. Thanks guys. Everyone should at least submit the form letter.
  13. jbobb

    05 CRF450X- picture

    Specifications from website: ENGINE Engine Type 449cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke Bore and Stroke 96.0mm x 62.0mm Compression Ratio 12.0:1 Valve Train Unicam; four-valve Carburetion Keihin 40.0mm flat-slide with throttle position sensor (TPS) Ignition CD with electronic advance and lighting coil Starting Electric & kick DRIVE TRAIN Transmission Wide-ratio five-speed Final Drive #520 T-ring-sealed chain; 13T/51T CHASSIS/ SUSPENSION/ BRAKES Front Suspension 47.0mm inverted Showa cartridge fork with 16-position rebound- and 16-position compression-damping adjustability; 12.4-inch travel Rear Suspension Pro-Link Showa single shock with spring-preload, 17-position rebound-damping adjustability, and compression-damping adjustment separated into low-speed (13 positions) and high-speed (3.5 turns); 12.4-inch travel Front Brakes Single 240.0mm disc with twin-piston caliper Rear Brake Single 240.0mm disc Front Tire 80/100-21 Rear Tire 110/100-18 DIMENSIONS Wheelbase 58.2 inches Rake 27.28 degrees Trail 112.8mm (4.4 inches) Seat Height 37.9 inches Ground Clearance 13.7 inches Dry Weight 255 pounds Fuel Capacity 2.27 gallons OTHER Available Colors Red Model ID CRF450X
  14. jbobb

    How many hours are you getting on you pistons?

    Me too. Like Fred and Skip, I had over 200 hours (about 240) when I put the 04' piston in my 03'. Piston had minor wear and looked like it could keep going. I just did not want any hidden stress problems to turn it into a grenade even though it looked fine.