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  1. motometal

    690 vs 701 Motor Comparision

    Any of you guys have experience on the TE610 to compare vibes to new and old 690/701 motor?
  2. motometal

    Ideas for your discarded Mikuni TMX (OEM Honda)

    Technology is making the 300 a pound or two lighter than the cr, while having a larger fuel tank, counter balancer, kickstand, electric start, a 6th gear, and an 18" rear.
  3. motometal

    Ideas for your discarded Mikuni TMX (OEM Honda)

    The CR is a great bike but it's 14 years old. Fits like a glove. Feels natural. But technology has moved on, in many ways. The 300 has boat loads more low end than the CR, and revs almost as high (the CR was never known as much of a revver compared to some others. Anyway, for MX the low end is nice but not as big of a deal. For woods, it's night and day different! There are a few simple tweaks that make these KTMs really come alive, maybe the one you rode wasn't set up right. But I'm really surprised you didn't notice the low end? When I ride a 250mx bike agressively in the woods, I'm either doing a lot of waiting for the power to kick in, or clutching alot.
  4. motometal

    Ideas for your discarded Mikuni TMX (OEM Honda)

    I'm certainly not in the camp saying KTM is the best and all others suck. I'm really not a brand oriented/fanboy type person. I judge each brand on it's own merits. No stickers on the back window of my truck. I've had about every common brand there is, and each have had their positives and negatives. The 250 and 300 KTM two stokes are great bikes, plain and simple, performance and feature wise.
  5. motometal

    Ideas for your discarded Mikuni TMX (OEM Honda)

    this topic seems to be overly dramaticized (is that a word?) I had the honda with that carb, I did not discard it...just jetted it. I had to replace the needle jet, I could have whined that "it wasn't fair" Honda should have sorted it but instead I spent maybe $20 and all was well. Now I have a '17 KTM, I have managed to get it to run quite well with the supplied jets and adjusting the float. This isn't just me, many others have ridden the bike and commented how it runs great. The "ready to race" thing is marketing, that's fine but I don't have a sense of entitlement that these bikes should come jetted out of the crate. Every new bike I have purchased has needed tweaking, some more than others. I think or it as paying for the technology and manufacturing of a great bike, not having someone tweak the jets or suspension clickers or anything else to suit my situation (I can do that part). There are a few items on the bike that are disappointing, sure. but this is the case on any bike I have purchased. If the performance of it was just "average" I would probably feel differently but this thing rocks. Just the counterbalancer alone is significant, everything else 2 stroke I ride has noticeable vibration in comparison. Feels super light, electric start, air forks work great, amazing engine, brakes, the whole package. Some of the guys commenting on things have never even ridden a 17 KTM.
  6. motometal

    toothpaste foam in cylinder

    Sealant on one side, grease on the other
  7. motometal

    2017 300's KTM XC vs Husky TX

    Here the huskys are waiting list and hard to get, Ktm walk in and buy it.
  8. motometal

    '12 KTM 300 cylinder head removal/cylinder life.

    Rubber may not be enough. Hard plastic/dead blow.
  9. motometal

    Ethanol! Aargh!

    Actually, my response above regarding the water should have been more along the lines of, suggesting you guys research how much water it takes to make a variety of things in our daily world. I just did some reading, had no idea. A real eye opener! 150 gallons for that Sunday paper etc etc
  10. motometal

    Dunlop Geomax AT81- Anyone try em?

    I'm surprised no more comments on these 81s. Coming stock now on some bikes. For the conditions I ride, I really like the MX31 front. They aren't great on hardpack (naturally) but my priority is a tire that won't pack with mud, while still working well in medium terrain. I guess another way of saying that is, I'd rather slide a little on hard pack than completely suffer in the mud. The knob spacing is quite a bit tighter on the MX81, I'm afraid it wouldn't be good in mud at all.
  11. motometal

    Ethanol! Aargh!

    Maybe poor choice of words on my part, depending on how you look at it yes there are a lot of pipelines but...by the time you split out out into crude, CO2, HVLs, natural gas, and of course gasoline, it's not as impressive looking. The lack is in the pipelines from the midwest where ethanol is made, to markets such as the west coast where it's consumed. California etc.
  12. motometal

    Ethanol! Aargh!

    Moving ethanol through a pipeline can, and has been done, although there are challenges. As Americans we tend to not have many pipelines anyway due to environmental and other concerns...so we use rail for crude and ethanol, probably more than we should. Let's talk about the water part. Sure I see the big picture. I don't love the water usage, but one must put it in perspective. That 3 gallons is probably close but improving. Used to be much higher, but more water is being recycled these days. Some of that 3 gallons leaves the ethanol plant in the form of DDGs and is fed to animals, which would need water from one source or another. We humans put a much lower price on water than we do something like fuel. Good drinking water in most areas is worth around a penny a gallon or less. How much gasoline do you use per day? Maybe 1.5 or 2 gallons? So lets say 10% of that is ethanol so on the high side .20 gallons of ethanol times 3 = 0.6 gallons of water. The average person uses around 50 gallons of water per day. So you have allotted 1.2% of your water usage towards renewable fuel. I don't think that's too crazy but depends on your perspective. If we took a closer look at that 50 gallons per day, we would find that most of it is waste. There is much more waste to be cut on other loss of (potential) drinking water than the production of ethanol. Many of us like to take nice long showers, or flush when we don't really need to, or let the faucet run the whole time we are brushing our teeth (strange but common habit). When they changed the faucets years ago to be "water saving", it was clear that a lot of water was being completely wasted for no good reason. It still is, just to a bit lesser degree.
  13. motometal

    Tranny oil in 2017 300xc

    Type F trans fluid would work too. This oil leads easy life other than clutch debris.
  14. No, you just do a solder test and either measure that if you have a calipers or send the solder to the shop machining the head. If for some reason you don't like the mod and want to go back to a stock head, you can buy one used cheaper than you can buy a new head. There's nothing wrong with the way you did it, it just isn't optomised for max performance and your situation.
  15. motometal

    Ethanol! Aargh!

    Uhhh...well, it would cost exactly what it does now, because there are no subsidies that go to the ethanol manufacturers, since late 2011. There is a mandate that dictates a certain % needs to be sold. If that went away, the value of ethanol could be less...although...these days ethanol is one of the best ways to increase octane so even without the RFS it would be utilized. If you have been reading about ethanol, your sources are likely either containing very old information, or it's propaganda and false information.