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  1. Oldkid

    Lowering Rider's Foot Pegs?

    Due to a bum right knee I needed extra room as well. I ordered the tall / firm seat foam and cover from Seat Concepts and had the local upholstery shop install it on my original seat pan. It adds nearly 3 inches in the middle of the seat.
  2. Oldkid

    Knock on deceleration only.

    Just my 2 cents worth but with that mileage and you say the noise is near the top of the engine my bet would be the timing chain if you hadn't added the manual chain tensioner.
  3. Oldkid

    transmission drag?

    Just one other thing comes to mind on this thread. You are probably pushing the bike in first gear which has the highest mechanical ratio and dragging force. Just for grins try shifting it up to fifth and pushing it. It should be easier just the same as when trying to bump start a bike.
  4. Oldkid

    Too good to be true?

    The link says clear title, but when the deal is too good to be true it's often a prelude to a scam. Anyway, please keep us informed on what you find out.
  5. If your talking about the 2007-08 SMR it's the upgrade version of the 2007-08 SM and has the orange frame, Marchesini alloy wheels and two tone seat color. The SM's and SMR's of 2007-08 use the same frame configuration as the Duke as opposed to the SMC's which are the same as the Enduro version I know mine has the WP suspension and the clear LED tail light but I'm unsure if the standard SM of those years had those. Here are several pics of my SMR as well as the current SMC, a 2008 SMR and a 2008 SM. I couldn't come up with a decent Duke picture right off. Hope this helps a bit.
  6. Oldkid

    Flushing out frame

    I have a dumb thought. Could you rinse it thoroughly with the hose several times then use one of the lower pressure pressure washers on it? Heck if that didn't work why not use a gas tank sealer kit, pouring the resin through it and sealing it completely, drain out the excees and you're done. It should definitely prevent any loose sand from ever getting into the oil. I used these kits a number of times with great success on older bike's gas tanks.
  7. Or here is another way to connect everything without cutting the harness up. Although it may not be important to everyone but it does allow an easy conversion back to OEM. http://www.posi-lock.com/instructions1.html The POSI-TAP connectors eliminate you cutting up the stock harness. I posted this idea in another thread below when someone inquired on how to connect their aftermarket turn signals. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showpost.php?p=10547314&postcount=11 I've found the POSI-TAPS to work well. you can add a bit of dielectric grease at the connection but I've never had an issue with any corrosion because of the way the POSI-TAPs seal the connection. Just an FYI. Hope it is of some help.
  8. Oldkid

    Update to turnsignal thread. Now what?

    Just an FYI----- Rather than cutting the connectors off, I found that "POSI-TAP" connectors offer an easy solution to connecting another wire to the circuit. They are easy to install and if you decdie to remove them the OEM wiring is still intact. http://www.posi-lock.com/instructions1.html Hope this helps.
  9. Oldkid

    leo vince db killer

    I wasn't the first owner, so there were no discs, I think. I never actually took the cans off to be sure they weren't in there but based on the excessive noise I'm 99% sure they had been removed. I had to order the end can inserts from LV as well. My SMR was purchased by an individual who never titled it or rode the bike very much as it only had 188 miles showing when I got it. The original owner had purchased it almost 2 years earlier. He had the dealer install the LV pipes and a number of those KTM orange accessory covers for the brake and clutch reservoirs as well as the Carbon Fiber inner fenders and axle sliders. I asked the dealer about any take-offs and he came up with the stock pipes but nothing else. The dealer didn't recall removing the end inserts or discs but some of his employees were no longer employed there, so it's hard to really be sure. I think he remembered loading the Akrapovic maps when the pipes were fitted. Anyway keep us posted, thanks.
  10. Oldkid

    leo vince db killer

    I'm not sure but I think you pull the cans off by unhooking the springs, slide the cans off and inserting the disc in the cans. In our case I would think you would need 2, but I'm guessing at this point. Since you only have 1 disc, I think you could try inserting it and test ride to see what the noise level is. I searched on the internet but I never found a picture of the disc. Perhaps could you make a second disc? Post back and keep us informed of what you discover as I'm curious as well.
  11. Oldkid

    Tool Kit Relocation?

    I to had the OEM Suzuki rack and thought the bracket and the plastic tool holder stuck out too far so I cut off the bracket extension, repainted the rack and made an aluminum bracket to postion the tool holder out of the way. Thje tool box is tucked up out of harms way and clears the tire with room to spare.
  12. Oldkid

    Long highway riding

    You could always add a tooth on the C/S or drop 3 on the back if you are doing that much highway travel.
  13. Oldkid

    What SuperMoto should be Collected and Why?

    Well maybe when I'm long gone it may be worth something but I stumbled on a 2008 KTM 690 SMR with the orange frame and Marchesini alloy wheels. It's fairly unique. The previous owner added a number of the KTM anodized accessory parts, a Leo Vince Carbon cannister dual pipe setup and installed the Akropovic carbon fiber inner fenders as well. The "R" is supposed to be a bit more scarce than the standard "SM's" but I haven't been able to find any production figures muchless how many were imported into the USA. People usually haven't a clue as to what it is.
  14. I made a GPS bracket out of a piece of aluminum angle and made an flat aluminum bracket to bolt my tool holder to. After all the sawing, cutting and drilling of your aluminum parts, deburr them, then sand them in one direction with finer paper or use a "Scotchbrite" pad. Clean with a suitable solvent and apply clearcoat finish to make them look almost like a factory part. I found a tough clearcoat for wheels at the auto parts store which works great. Cheers,