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  1. David525

    Full Synthetic 10-40 Motor Oil

    What ever oil you choose to use, buy it at wal-mart you will save a couple dollars vs buying it at a auto part store or bike shop.
  2. David525

    Alternate Bike

    i didnt notice where you are located. Your x model is different than the US.
  3. David525

    Alternate Bike

    Have you considered the 450x vs the 450R.
  4. David525

    underwear shorts

    Sometimes I crap my shorts when I ride my 450:moon:
  5. David525

    Help with 09 crf450r

  6. This is also a very large farming area. Do they get dirt and noise from the farmers? I am sure they do.
  7. David525

    Help with 09 crf450r

    I would have to say the dirt would settle when the bike was sitting, and as your moto went on it would reclog the filter.
  8. David525

    Help with 09 crf450r

    your fuel filter is dirty
  9. Not to much oil came out with that big drain hole (kaboom).
  10. David525

    I have RYAN VILLOPOTO'S practice bike???

    2008 he was still racing lites class.
  11. David525

    go pro helmet cam questions

    You will have fun with it.
  12. David525

    CRF450R Trail Ride

    Ride4life it looks like your visor has some stitches (zipties)
  13. David525

    go pro helmet cam questions

    Im not sure which one is the best as I have not used any others but the 960. Someone else might have better input on that.
  14. David525

    go pro helmet cam questions

    Never came off. Its plastic so they can break but are durable. The camera is inside a case that can be replaced for $40. The gopro cameras im my opinion are 100 times better than the vholdr/contour cams. I have a contour that the mount got broke in 20 min. ride time.