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  1. ringding

    kdx 220 problems

    My kdx has been giving me a hell of a time, the last 3 rides it seemed hard to start (newer top+bottom end+dead on jetting) and it progressively got worse until it would not fire even with a good downhill bumpstart attempt. (the last time it could get it to run i bumpstarted it down a 1km hill and the whole way down it acted like it had a fouled plug and would not rev and barely ran at all) When the rpm goes up when trying to bumpstart it it will fire off 1-2 times for 0.5 second. Same thing when trying to kickstart it, if i kick it 50 times it will fire for 1 second but will NOT stay running(i replaced coil and plug wire+ new stator with rebuild) It is getting gas and the reeds are fine, i am stumped.
  2. ringding

    seized engine

    plug was 1 range hotter than stock
  3. ringding

    seized engine

    I have done plenty of rebuilds, i even offered to do it for my friend because this is his first real bike and he bough it cheap. I still do not understand why the bottom end would seize as everything was coated in oil. How much would he get if it was parted out? 800$?
  4. ringding

    seized engine

    So I pulled the motor out yesterday and after searching for my drain pan for 20 min I tip the engine on its side and see no drain plug... The trans still moves fine but feels like there are some bearings that are almost done. Also, new gasket?!?
  5. ringding

    seized engine

    The cyl. was sent out to be replated because it looked like it was ran on straight gas and crank end of the rod had 1/8" of up and down play. i know for sure the rod was replaced (aftermarket, not sure of brand but it looks like its "painted" black), i assume that they also used a new crank. All of the bolts holding down the cyl. and head where tight. Would the loose power valve cover cause an air leak in this engine? edit: it was a wiseco crank kit...
  6. ringding

    seized engine

    This was done at Terra alps in kelowna (it also looks as if a couple gaskets where reused)
  7. ringding

    seized engine

    This weekend a friend picked up his 96' cr125 from the shop with a rebuilt top and bottom end + replate. After it had been heat cycled 4 times, with 3-4 easy hours on the motor, it seized. When it seized we where riding on flat ground in second gear at about 3k rpm. I took apart the top end today and found a bunch of loose or under torqued bolts and 1 out of 2 bolts holding a small power valve cover on the top of the cylinder. It seems that the bearing on the bottom of the rod is seized solid and wont allow any movement. It also looks like the piston made a small amount of contact with the exhaust/intake port. Now, i am not sure what to do at this point because i am sure they will try to blame the customer, but he payed 1500$ and waited 4 months for terrible workmanship (1 bolt holding the gas tank on and such). what are your opinions? -thanks
  8. ringding

    I'm gonna be around penticton, wanna ride?

    you should check out bear creek (do you have a spark arrester?), they have been making alot of new maintained trails and you can get a map for said trails.
  9. ringding


    if you dont mind driving a bit i found an ohv area about 40k up the road past cathedral lakes turn in(keep on the road dont actually turn into the cathedral parking lot). I have not ridden there yet but it seems like it would be pretty cool.
  10. ringding

    spark arrestor for kdx

    My riding area now requires the use of s spark arrestor my kdx (1997, 220) has an fmf pipe and silencer on it but the silencer is non spark arresting, do they make universal end caps or will i have to buy a new silencer? -thanks!
  11. ringding

    Ohio Snow Ride

    What hardness of bolts did you use?, when i made the same mistake as you (length of bolts) i had to cut all of the bolts off because the steel was to hard for the cutters. Where my cutters just crap?
  12. ringding

    Insanely priced parts

    i have been to a dealership where they tried to charge me 34$ for a 3$ anywhere else spark plug. also the carb slide for my bike was 500$
  13. ringding


    Plexus!, spray it all over your helmet and buff it off with a clean rag. You should be able to just wipe the bugs off after this
  14. ringding


    i was wondering if you guys knew of any sites that could help me with the restoration of my 1971 ace super rat?
  15. ringding

    kdx 220 jetting

    alright, thanks alot