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    My hobbies include Hunting, Fishing, Reading, and most rescently Motorcycles
  1. DevilDog2

    Questions on Bushings

    yes but i have to go to work so i will post one later tonight
  2. DevilDog2

    Questions on Bushings

    no no no i mean the bushings in the lower rear engin mount of the crankcase they are to little metal deals with a thin piece of rubber around them this is just in front of the swingarm connection
  3. DevilDog2

    Questions on Bushings

    the lower crank case bushings the ones right next to the swing arm
  4. DevilDog2

    Questions on Bushings

    I have my bushings now i just need to clean out whats left of the old ones any suggestions what is the easiest way to scrape that stuff out PLEASE HELP
  5. DevilDog2

    New DR200 owner with a few questions

    First off welcome, I have found a pretty good all around parts oem aftermarket etc. site that has been very helpful to me. Tehy are very good about their orders and have outstanding customer support WWW.BikeBandit.COM good luck with the new dr
  6. DevilDog2

    CrankCase bushings

    I rescently took down my dr 200 with the help of my cousin. he pointed out to me that the reason i was having engine movement and always had to re adjust my chain was due to the lower crankcase bushings being tottally destroyed and missing. the actual rod itself is intact but the washer is pitched bad and totally worn thin my question is how do i go about installing new ones i have already ordered the bushings so they should arrive pretty soon is there a special way you have to do it or do you just slam them in Please Help
  7. DevilDog2

    engine movement

    nah its definitley the bearnings the chains not new at all prolly a few years old i forget what brand it is but its a reall good chain the link plates are gold looking
  8. DevilDog2

    engine movement

    actually i notice the swing arm is moving the black seals around the out side move considerably i really thing the bearings are shot and the bushings could this be the result of a toasted rear shock
  9. DevilDog2

    engine movement

    well i think the bushings must be shot and maybe a spacer r two i road today after tightening the chain one notch i am a bit concerned should i take of the swing arm and check it out or what ahhhhhhhh
  10. DevilDog2

    engine movement

    i noticed that my chain becomes loose pretty often then i realized when moving the chain that the engine moved back i tightened the mounts but it wont stop my guess is damage in the swing arm what sort of damage might this be please help:eek:
  11. DevilDog2

    Rear shock question

    In my search for a newer rear shock i have come a cross a 1991 dr 250 shock with the nitrous connection i was wondering could this possibly fit my 1987 dr 200 with some slight fabrication??????
  12. DevilDog2

    Painting plastics

    Well i just want to clean it up a lil so i can sell it i grew out of it a long time ago plus i like a bike that looks good not old and ruffed up ill post pics soon
  13. DevilDog2

    Painting plastics

    well seeing as we cant use bad language crumb stands for S#*T and gel gloss is like a gel sealer um like you have on the outside coat of paints on cars hard to explain goof off is like bug and tar remover
  14. DevilDog2

    Painting plastics

    Well then should i just scrub the Crumb out of them with goof off and then use gel gloss????
  15. My dr 200 needs new plastics but i dont want to spend $263.00 for em and that doesnt include the fuel tank that of which has been discontinued... My question is if i were to paint them what type of spray paint would i use and how good would they look if anyone has pictures i sure would like to take a look Thanks!!!!! 1987 Dr 200 H