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  1. Hang in there... will need your help with post-fire trail rehab...
  2. FYI on the fires burning on the Six Rivers NF near Mad River/Ruth Lake. QWR blog with pics/map, etc. http://quietwarriorracing.blogspot.com/2015/08/wildfire-impacts-popular-nw-ca-coastal.html Thanks, Don
  3. Will post map once I get it... Thanks! Don
  4. Hey guys... here is what the FS is staying about the monument and the world class ohv program http://www.fs.fed.us/visit/berryessa-snow-mountain-national-monument If somebody wants more info... send me a pm at: damador@cwo.com I guess Daphne Greene and OHV Commission members (as well as MCMA members) were wrong in having OHV work on this for the last 5 years to make sure we were included. Don
  5. KCDavis, I did not see anybody with a 450 word review. I don't consider 1-3 sentences any sort of a review. Sorry I troubled the forum.
  6. FYI for those of you interested in motorcycling, its history, and the passion we feel for the sport. Here is a review of the Modesto, CA showing of the new movie. Recreation HQ Movie Review http://thegeneralsrecreationden.blogspot.com/2014/11/on-any-sunday-next-chapter-passes-torch.html Thanks for your interest in the sport. Don Amador
  7. Got a short article with quotes from several Adventure icons regarding the growing sport of Adventure riding. http://quietwarriorracing.blogspot.com/2014/10/adventure-and-dual-sport-recreation-is.html Thanks for your interest. Don Amador, QWR
  8. Don Amador here from The Trail PAC. The Trail Political Action Committee (TPAC) was founded as the first national non-partisan political action committee dedicated solely to championing responsible off-highway vehicle recreation on designated roads, trails, and areas on public lands through the electoral and legislative processes. Here is today’s TPAC national email alert on the Perdue/Nunn race http://myemail.constantcontact.com/GA-Earthquake-Rocks-Political-Landscape.html?soid=1109092517671&aid=z5gB-sf-OY8 That for your review! Don Amador, Founder The Trail PAC www.thetrailpac.com
  9. TPAC is proud to endorse Tom Cotton today. TPAC article on Endorsement with Cotton Views on Access http://myemail.constantcontact.com/3rd-Battleground-Senate-Race-Endorsed-Today.html?soid=1109092517671&aid=C-fZ89lliEU Thanks, Don Amador TPAC
  10. Sierrarider, Thanks.. I think we do have a window to get back some of those trails. Don
  11. Check out my article on the loss of single track after the FS travel management rule. Time to get it back. QWR Blog Article with Pics http://quietwarriorracing.blogspot.com/2014/05/post-tmr-single-track-motorcycle-trail.html Thanks, Don
  12. As QWR prepares for another busy year in advocacy for responsible OHV recreation, it wanted to look back at the two issues in 2013 that generated the most hits/interest by our readership. It should come as no surprise that our Post Fire Travel Management Tools (Sept. 25) and Tips for Purchasing a Dual-Sport Motorcycle (July 9) articles were at the top of the list. Post-fire rehabilitation of destination OHV areas on Forest Service lands requires a lot dedication, determination, and dollars/labor. Both the 2012 Mill Fire and the 2013 Rim Fire highlighted just how catastrophic wildfires can impact recreational access to public lands. The fires also illustrated the need for an invigorated forest management program that includes prescribed burning and timber thinning projects. In the late 1990s, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) determined that it was illegal to register off-highway motorcycles for street use unless they were CARB or EPA certified for highway use. Today, the dual-sport enthusiast has only two legal options in the State of California. One, they can purchase a street-legal dual-sport that came from the factory as such. Or, they can purchase a used “Green-Sticker” off-highway motorcycle that was purchased new by December 31, 2003 and where the owner had initiated its dual-sport conversion with the DMV no later than January 31, 2004. Travel management and other land-use restrictions has increased the demand for street-legal dual-sport motorcycles so that riders can connect various trail networks that are separated by paved roads where non-street legal motorcycles are prohibited. QWR believes that 2014 holds significant opportunities to champion responsible OHV use on public lands, but it will require a joint effort by recreation professionals, industry, grassroots leaders, elected officials, and agency staff to find solutions to the regulatory challenges that face our sport. Post Fire Travel Management Tools http://quietwarriorracing.blogspot.com/2013/09/post-fire-travel-management-tools-trail.html Tips for Purchasing a Dual-Sport Motorcycle http://quietwarriorracing.blogspot.com/2013/07/qwr-trail-tip-for-ca-purchasing-dual.html # # #
  13. With hunting season in full swing in many western states, QWR believes is it important for that user group to understand that OHV rules and regulations apply to the sporting use of motorized vehicles on public lands. QWR blog with pics and link to several education programs. http://quietwarriorracing.blogspot.com/2013/10/stay-trail-during-hunting-season.html Thanks for your interest in public land management. Don
  14. FYI for those of you who like to ride in N. Cal QWR blog on Eureka area ride http://quietwarriorracing.blogspot.com/2013/07/california-north-coast-adventure-ride.html Thanks, Don