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  1. qkenuf4u

    YZ426f Good deal?

    As a tech I would love to pick a 426 up.. Best 4T made ever in my opinion.. But being you have no idea about mechanics its very iffy... Something isn't right w the rear brake pedal (just bent down) , with a 4T valve adjust are stupid important (most of my customers ride theirs till they won't start then wonder what happened) I would get the guy to atleast get it started.. Sadly you won't understand what it should sound like.. It could be on the verge of blowing up n you wouldn't realize it.. If they get it started go ride it.. I forget if they are 4 or 5 speed.. Just make sure it goes through the gears well ... As stated even if it blows up tomorrow you might make ur money back.. No title would be a deal killer for me.. Here in az its a useless rock w no title..
  2. No way possible to have a perfect cage like that n have a failed bearing..
  3. qkenuf4u

    What's wrong with this bike !?

    Was the valve still in spec on tight side or actually out of spec tight ? Sounds like every crf through my shop.. Everyone rides em till they won't start then wonders why..
  4. My age AX-8 is exceptional on my zrx at all speeds.. Whoever designed it actually had some brain cells.. No buffeting, no trying to rip my head off , etc.. Ill actually be replacing it this year (5+ yrs old) w another one.
  5. qkenuf4u

    Now What?! Case failure 2007 DRZ400S

    Pull the engine n have the piece tig welded back on. Just make sure he's a good tig welder..
  6. qkenuf4u

    Cr125 of crf250

    2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke 2 stroke !!! Everything about a 2 stroke is better .... I'm a tech n work on everything metric daily... If you want a 4 stroke then get an old school Honda.. xl,xr or old Yamaha 4T , xt.. bullet proof engines in the old stuff.. new stuff (especially Honda is way to finicky n needs lots of preventive maintenance.. (lots of valve checks/adjustment, lots of oil/filter changes, lots of air filter maintenance if you want them to live, especially crf's)
  7. qkenuf4u

    1982 XR200R - Won't start. :(

    Process of elimination.... What compression numbers did you get ? (Checked w gauge) Check valve clearance ? Tight ? Cam timing correct ? Chain slip ? New plug ? (Could be gas fouled)
  8. qkenuf4u

    Remove Nut on Primary Drive

    Impact Penny between gears Make sure it's not reverse thread Use a standard socket if need be (thinner) they will survive periodic use on impact
  9. qkenuf4u

    Jets turning green and clogging

    Lol welcome to ethanol garage gas... STA-BIL in the tank n run it weekly... MLATOUR nailed it mostly.. ethanol garage gas is a scam in so many ways.. Runs leaner Runs hotter Massively hygroscopic (absorbs water) 1/3 less energy Fun paying more money for less.. I see it daily as a bike tech..
  10. qkenuf4u

    Even loctite didn't save me... what do I need?

    Red or blue loctite ? Red truly shouldn't allow em to back out/come loose.. but then there is a reason for green (other than on hardly) Definitely not 19 ft/lb bolts. Lol eeeekkk Guess I'll be the second to know if this fix doesn't work on my customers drz...
  11. qkenuf4u

    Crf50 head gasket....

    Only leaks on top side where the tab sticks out (carb side) All 4 studs have a washer n nut.. nothing oil wise leaks anywhere... Actually it's a little better now that it's SAT for a week without running... Ilthe sealant had a chance to dry so not remotely as bad a leak now.. But yes I would say the studs are probably stretching more than anything else.. have to see if customer wants to replace them..
  12. Yes I've googled it n everyone says "no can't be the head gasket" ... Lol well it's most certainly the head gasket in this case...Across the whole Top side where the tab sticks out is leaking... Yep new gasket n sealer.. didn't stop the leak ... Cylinder is torqued correctly n it idles ok, starts easy, revs OK but does have a little dead spot , idle hangs a tiny tiny bit.. yep I've played with the air/fuel screw.. likes 2 turns out.. Just seeing if anyone's found a reason for it .... It's a friend's on mine.. he bought it for his kid for Christmas n like a dummy didn't hear it run I guess... I'm a bike tech for a living but haven't messed w a whole lots of these little bikes... Nothing special about em but doesn't make sense why this one leaks.. everythinis clean n flat from what I can see... Maybe cylinder/head studs are just stretching instead of taking the torque ??
  13. qkenuf4u

    Lake Havasu riding?

    well then you like boring riding is all i can say..... im originally from RAINSYLVANIA and thats GOOD RIDING (trees, rivers,rocks,dirt,hill climbs,) had a guy take me up the north end of town and ride up towards the towers ... was EH at best but then i was also on my cr500 thats setup for dual sport, w/ 80% street tires, so that didnt help.... but you can have that crap hole havapoo..... i have 2 of the best roads in AZ within an hours ride of me for the street bike and some of the best trails in the USA to ride for the cr5 (in full tard trim right now)....
  14. qkenuf4u

    WTB...E-Line stator assembly for CR500

    Ya good luck w that....