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  1. Charlie C

    Do i need to up my jets for 04 with lexx slip on

    Usually with just a slip on, you don't need to change the jetting. It can easily be fine tuned with the air/fuel mixture screw. Because of as cold as it's been here in the mid west and most of the country, going up a step on the pilot and the main won't hurt a thing. If your header pipe turns red hot real quick and it's backfiring, you know it's running lean so don't let it go on for too long. Serious damage can occur real quick if it's not addressed.
  2. Charlie C

    CRF250R R&D float bowl idle issues

    I think you have a jetting issue or the pilot jet may be clogged. You need to look at what size the pilot jet is. When you have it running, does the header pipe get red hot? If so, it may be jetted too lean which you would need to go up on the pilot jet size. There could also be an air leak somewhere also. It helps to know what part of the country or world your in. Depending on the temp, elevation and cylinder head modifications will help determine what you need to start with in terms of the jet size. Usually a 42 or a 45 is pretty common. Being that it's been sitting a while, it would be best to replace the jets. It doesn't take much build up in the jet to drastically change how lean it can run and you don't want that. I can't remember much about the R&D float bowl but there might be an o-ring that needs to be replaced or it just may be that someone overtightened it and ruined the seat in the bowl.
  3. Charlie C

    08 crf250r valves and temporary smoking

    The intake valves are the same from 04-09. The exhaust valve stem diameter was changed from 5mm down to 4.5mm in 08's and the 09's. Since you over filled the oil, there's no reason to tear the engine down and clean everything out. Just get the oil down to the right level and clean out the air box and keep an eye on the spark plug. You should have a lot in the tube that runs down next to the front sprocket so drain that also. It may smoke a little more, but it will stop.
  4. Charlie C

    Shifting problems

    It sounds like you have the shift forks in the shift drum wrong. Don't force it, its going to break the shift drum eventually. After you split it apart again and move the shift forks in the right place, run it through the gears before you put it all back together.
  5. Charlie C

    trans gears

    You can just change the gears. Remember you must change the gear on the main shaft and the counter shaft as a set.
  6. Charlie C

    2006 Honda CRF250R starting problems when warm

    You can try using the hot start and sometimes you don't have to play around with how far to pull it in. Sometimes just cracking the hot start lever a little bit helps a lot. Also, you may have a bit of a lean condition. Sometimes changing the stock 42 pilot jet out to a 45 helps also. Jetting the 06 can be finicky.
  7. Charlie C

    2007 Honda CRF250R Engine

    FYI, any engine from 04-09 will work for you. If you can find an 08 or 09, that would be your best option.
  8. Charlie C

    trans gears

    The X gears will work.
  9. Charlie C

    Single exhaust 08 crf250r

    Im not 100%, but im pretty sure it won't match up. I know the 09 450 won't fit an 08 250. totally different, but with some engineering, you could make it work. Probably look like $#!t, but it could work.
  10. Charlie C

    Sprocket question

    Go with a 49T. You're going to be surprised how drastic 2 teeth effect the bottome end on it. What I did was buy a couple of cheap steel sprockets off of ebay for next to nothing just to experiment and once my kid liked the gearing, I picked up a good quality sprocket like a supersprox. Turned out I ended up using the cheaper steel sprockets after wearing out the expensive ones. Don't underestimate the quality of a cheap steel sprocket, they last 3 times longer than an expensive aluminum sprocket and you can't feel the weight difference.
  11. Charlie C

    O-Ring Mod before & after

    Did it fix the problem?
  12. Charlie C

    08 crf250r brake bleeding.. Need help!

    The dragging issue can probably be remied by lowering the level of brake fluid in the resivor. When the fluid gets hot it expands and pushed on the piston in the caliper. Also using the wrong brake fluid will do the same thing. With your front brake, use a vacuumn pump to make sure all the air is out. Different brake pads can totally change the feel of the brakes. If you're running some cheap pads on it, I'd change them out first. I use Honda pads only and they don't give that "spongy feel". Also, don't under estimate the adjuster on the brake lever, it also makes a difference so play with it a little at a time. Hopefully one of these tips will help you but you can never rule out a seal in the master cylinder, but when something is bad in the master cylinder, you have no brakes.
  13. Charlie C

    Just bought an 07, now what?

    If you plan on running on an MX track, I would not overlook the forks and shock. Your suspension is critical to your safety and anyone else around you. If you can find a local guy to do it, it's not that bad and should be serviced at least once a year for what you're using the bike for. Doing full time hi-level MX racing, it should be done more often, but that's not what you're doing with it. If I were you, I'd stick to the same process for oil changes. When you do change the oil and filter, look carefully at the filter to see if there's any type of metalic shavings or something that looks like gold/brass glitter. If you see that in the filter, that's telling you that your lower connecting rod bearing has failed and it won't be long before the engine suffers a lock up or breaks something, so bottom line, if you see that, don't run the engine again, it will do damage. As for the piston and rings, since you really don't know when they were changed and the bike being an 07, I would save a few bucks and get a new top end kit. Comes with piston, rings, wrist pin, wrist pin retainers and gaskets. A good quality top end kit like JE or Moose is worth the extra money IMO. I always do the timing chain and valve springs at the same time. No 100% essential, but cheap insurance. The springs are about $8 each and the timing chain is around $50, but do use OEM springs and chain, they are top quality. You can replace the front sprocket, it's like $15 and it's possible that it will save the chain from getting worse quicker than if you continue to run that front sprocket the way it is. Just my opinion, good luck!
  14. Charlie C

    late model cr valves

    04-09 is the air box/air boot issue. When they changed to the EFI, the air box and boot were re-designed. It certainly can't hurt, I still do it to the newer models. Look at the amount of grease (or lack of) they put on critical bearings. It's no different with sealant.
  15. Charlie C

    08 250 rider setup

    A real simple thing a lot of people overlook is to use a torque wrench to tighten the nuts and bolts. There is a reason why they have torque specs. The bike is designed to give and take and when everything is cranked down, that's lost. It's amazing as to how many people say that the bike feels like new again once you set it up right. Don't under estimate how different it will feel along with the sag setting and adjusting the rebound and compression. Just take baby steps on the changes like mentioned.