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  1. YFZ450_725

    2005 KX 125 - Rear Shock, oil leak

    Doc, which weight oil should I be running in the shock/forks? And can I get the stock settings for Fork and Shock rebound/compression? Or even better yet, can you recommend settings for a 190 pound, 100% MX, B level rider? Thanks.
  2. YFZ450_725

    Oil Leaking From Breather

    05 KX 125, the breather comes out of what I think, is the power valve assembly....it is the small block just above where the exhaust port is on the cylinder. What makes oil come out of here? Gummed up valves?
  3. Hey guys. My rear shock isn't blown, however, there is oil on the shaft. Leaving me to think the seals are no good. However, when I look online, there are too many seals/kits to pick from, and frankly I dont know which one to get. Can someone please get me a link, or tell me which kit I need to rebuild this rear shock (as far as oil, quantity, and PSI for nitrogen? Thanks.
  4. YFZ450_725

    2005 KX 125.....need some tune up info

    Sappers your the man....and I will look into the PDF manual.
  5. Hey guys, just picked up a 2005 KX125, going to be my "exercise bike" for the summer....use it as a bit of a break from the 450. Anyway, before spring comes along I would like to go through it and check it all over, so can someone please get me the following information....thanks guys:thumbsup: Tranny Oil Weight - Tranny Oil Amount - Stock Fork Oil Weight - Stock Fork Oil Height - Spark Plug Number / Gap - Front Axle Torque Specs - Rear Axle Torque Specs - Linkage Torque Specs - Headset Torque Specs - Again, thanks in advance for anyone who has this info....I have always been a Yamaha / Suzuki guy, so this green stuff is all new to me!
  6. YFZ450_725

    fuel injected 2 stroke pics?

    EFI, or even SDI isnt a new technology. Sleds have had injected motors for years....the real challange will be to put that technology into bikes and not add too much weight, or jack up the price.
  7. YFZ450_725

    can I ride dirt bikes in the summer on snowmobile trails

    nope. As far as MX riding is concerned...your moving in the wrong direction. You cant ride your bike on sled trails, and tracks are a pretty good drive depending on where you live.
  8. YFZ450_725

    Cold air intake

    Stock. I put a K&N on my 05 Hemi Ram, mpgs dropped....so I took it off, sold it, put the stock one back on. Felt like I lost some low end as well. Took the money from the intake and bought 2 10's, 1000 watt amp and a custom sealed box....
  9. YFZ450_725


    My friend went and said it was a good track, nice flow and fun layout.... ....but, I agree with DVN, the prices are rediculous. They need to remember that its better to sell 10 tickets at $10/each then to sell 1 for $100....
  10. YFZ450_725

    Opinions on proper boot fit?

    I always run them a little tight. I go as small as I can with out it hurting my toes after a moto. Street shoes are 10.5 - 11, moto boots I wear are A-Stars tech 8 and Fox Forma, size 10.
  11. YFZ450_725


    Ed, my friend get a hold of you? Was interested in the ticket deal you had....said he was going to call you this afternoon (12/7/09)...
  12. YFZ450_725

    traded my RMZ for this!

    Nice sled...I put on 56 miles the day after thanksgiving on a 2010 Polaris Assault...sleds are awesome compared to bikes, the riding is endless. Good luck trying to put 3000 miles a year on a bike!
  13. Are you kidding me? Your even considering spending $3300 on a 9 year old bike? It may be brand new but dude, wake up.... There are dealers with 07 - 08 brand new YZ's in the crate for $1500 more then where you are already considering. Plus, as soon as you sign that piece of paper, that brand new 2001 Honda CR 250 becomes used, because it is no longer owned by the dealer. Then guess what, you put 1 season on it, and it is just like all the other 10 year old used bikes on the market, and is worth $1000. If it were me, as I see you are worried about buying someone elses hammered, 250 smoker....find a 05-07 generation bike for the $2000 - $2500 range. Then dump $1000 into it, and you can have a litterally brand new bike, thats much newer and holds much more resale then that CR. I put $900 into a 2005 CR 250 I bought for $1800 and sold it 6 months later for $3000. Like I told you above, I found the CR for cheap, paid $1800. That $900 I put into it, allowed me to have a brand new bike, new tires, tubes, bars, grips, levers, top and bottom end, v-force reeds, chain, sprocket, brake pads, chain guide rubber, fork seals, fork oil, all new cables...you get the idea. So right there I was at $2700, and the bike was 4 years newer then what you are looking at. Again, as I mentioned I sold it for $3000. If you ever decide to sell that 01...good luck grabbing $3k for it after its ridden a few times. Always think ahead of time. People dont care how clean it is, or how low the hours are, they will see 2001, then the price...and laugh. It may be a great bike, but for $3300 there are plenty of other options available.
  14. YFZ450_725


    And it never gets beat like RH, that place sucks now...
  15. YFZ450_725

    are 125 two strokes good bikes?

    How about you stop posting 34 topics regarding the same question (125 or 250) go out and buy a bike, and ride the damn thing.