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  1. splatter matter

    2010 wr450

    due to lack of sales they are just going to re badge the 2009s to 2010s is what i hear.
  2. splatter matter

    Question for Dr.Mark

    What is the best way to find a good Doctor or a sports doctor in my area.I been going to my family doctor for almost a year now for the pain in my arm. He had me get X-rays and said it looks good but the pain is still there.were the problem is right in the middle of my forearm. it bother me to hold on to anything for long length of time. just griping and working power tools hurt after a few minutes. thanks J
  3. splatter matter

    Help! Spark plug cap stuck in ignition coil.

    shop vac, if is down in the hole buy the sparkplug.
  4. splatter matter

    Travis Pastrana

    i need to buy a big wheel after seeing the video
  5. splatter matter

    08' YFZ Over heating BAD

    it sounds like a bad base gasket or head gasket.to me
  6. splatter matter

    Why have quads become so popular?

    Post like this are what environmentalist. aka tree hugger love. they see the off road community cant get a long as a group so they single everyone out. and then one buy one they get us removed from our riding areas.first trucks then quads then the bikes. then we read post like my riding area just got closed down were can i ride. dumdotdog I'm not bashing you. I'm just saying what i feel
  7. splatter matter

    Carmichael on TV today

    can you tell us how he finished.
  8. splatter matter


    for a 2001 pw50 it is 1 3/8 turns out.
  9. splatter matter

    Geezer seat redux - sheepskin

    wow now that is different. when you do it. have it swivel for easy get on an off . the only down side is people might think its a new custom built cruiser built buy OCC.
  10. splatter matter

    Lowering Link

    thanks. now i know what i need to buy next a lowering link and a new belt for the belt sander by by foam .
  11. splatter matter

    Lowering Link

    HI everyone. i have a question what is your seat height after the lower-link was in stalled. and with the built in adjustment lowered down thanks.