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  1. ... to run a tank with different oil. I bought the bike (02 2fatty) not running and after cleaning the carb and air box and fuel tank thourouhly I got it running. The guy I bought it from decided he didn't want to respond when I asked him what kind of oil he had ran in it, so I went with the old stand by, maxima super m, I have ran about a tank and a half through her so far, before that I have no idea what it had been running. I have a bottle of Castor 927 also laying around and everything is closed today and I want to go for a rip, so anyone feel free to chime in on exactly what id be up against if I ran a tank of the 927 through it, preferably only if you know something don't just parrott that its bad to mix two stroke oils cause we have all heard that.
  2. Hey guys I'm just getting back to this fourm cause I've just finally got another bike, anyway I picked up an 02 RM250 which was not running. So far I have cleaned the carb and trimmed the spark plug wire some. Today i got the bike to fire, and so far I've only messed with the idle adjust on the choke knob. It seems that it will either start like normal and die after a couple of seconds, or depending on how long i hold the throttle open before starting it and I'm guessing the position of the idle adjust, it will start and rev all the way up for about 5-7 seconds. If i turn the throttle at all it will cause it to die. So I know that I am getting spark and that i am getting fuel through the carb, so sorry for the basic question but I need to know what direction to go with this, whether it is gonna be a carb adjustment, cleaning the carb more, or something like a cracked reed or something like that. I usually don't have to do much more than a carb cleaning to get a bike running so I don't want to go in the wrong direction here. Thanks for any help.
  3. balls deep

    Honda 2002 400ex losing spark

    I am working on a 400ex for a friend of mine it is getting spark briefly at times, but once i try to get it to fire it loses all spark. He bought all of the electronic pieces excpet for the stator and we tried changing the cdi with no results, then we chand the coil and it immediatly got spark, but died before i could get the quad to fire. Has anyone had simaler experince and know what it could likely be? any help will be much appriciated thanks.
  4. balls deep

    Ohlins Big-Bore Kit

    post some pics.
  5. balls deep

    Stupid question

    nothing smells better than c12 gas IMHO.
  6. balls deep

    Some cheap bling (or whatever)

    the monster cans look clean on the quad. whenever i see that NOS logo i think ricer ever since TFATF and since nitrous oxide systems sold their logo to pep boys to put on those rad stickers and floormats. Nitrous Express FTW!
  7. balls deep

    02 blaster what oil?

    10w30 or rotella 15w40
  8. balls deep

    girlfriend bought a bike

    i would get a yz250. you can outt around on them. only problem is you wont want to. but i ride mine with my dad on his quad.
  9. balls deep

    2 stroke 85's...all of them OK?

    get the 05 ktm, i have an 06 and its a really fun bike.
  10. balls deep

    mx mom needs help

    agreed. good luck with the mods mx mom.
  11. i use synthetic rotella in my yz and the regular 15w40 in my KTM 85.
  12. balls deep

    The Most Thrashed Bike Contest!

    yeah thats true the 2 smoke will start right up.
  13. balls deep

    Monster Blaster Project

    looks awesome, its come a long way since i've seen it last. great job
  14. this needs to stop. yes it looks stupid, no its not going to affect the performance of your shock.
  15. balls deep

    mx mom needs help

    thats weird i am not much taller than 5 8 and i have never had a problem with a bike being too tall ( i started on a RM125 4 years ago when i was even shorter )