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  1. Hammer 4

    WTH is up with advertising

    IMHO, all racing is way to commercial..what they need to do, is get announcers like the Canadian motocross guys that have some insight to racing, and are enthusiastic about the races whether it's for first or 13th place..btw, Ralph scheen or whatever his name is Sucks...
  2. Hammer 4

    2000 Kx 250

    Got one...thanks for the replies.. Kargo...Thanks...we are using a mc off a yz..hope they hold up a tad better..lol We are also rebuilding the caliper too, nwe pistons and seals. The brake fluid I drained out looked like it had been in there since 2000.. was totally filthy...
  3. Hammer 4

    2000 Kx 250

    Opps, sorry, I shoulda said Front .. Thanks, yep, would prefer one that's in good cond.
  4. Hammer 4

    2000 Kx 250

    Haven't been riding..need to focus on work..The MC is for my Son's KX, he switched from a CR 250.. BTW, your ride is lookin good..
  5. Hammer 4

    2000 Kx 250

    Anyone have a good master cylinder for a KX 250..? Been awhile since I posted, hope all you folks are doin good..
  6. The last word for trucks...DURAMAX
  7. Hammer 4

    what's your truck?

    03 Chevy Duramax..alli 5 speed, 4X4 xtra cab, long bed, with a little sumpin xtra ..
  8. Hammer 4

    Are all pros like this?

    Thank you for clearing that up...
  9. Hammer 4

    Are all pros like this?

    Get J law on a roadrace course with Aaron Yates...that'll teach him... Don't get me wrong, I like Aaron, but he can be pretty agro when he wants..
  10. Hammer 4

    best way to clean filter??

    Simpel way.........buy a new filter..lol:busted: No muss, no fuss..
  11. Hammer 4

    Magneto Cover with Flywheel Weight 96 KX 250

    Did you buy it new from Stealthy..? they include a spacer If it's nesesarry to make it fit. Also if you have a washer behind the nut on your flywheel, and didn't remove the washer, the cover won't fit .
  12. Hammer 4

    Check/change your coolant!

    Hmmmm, distilled water, and Waterwetter in mine...always ran that in my road/race bikes.. I'll check it, none the less..
  13. Hammer 4

    kx 220 and kx250f

    Great write up Art...and congratz on your 1st overall... :thumbsup:
  14. Hammer 4

    which silencer?????help please.

    I'd stick with the pc one also, though I like the FMF stuff..
  15. Hammer 4

    2003 KX 125 vs 2001 CR 125 ???

    Well, the CR could be set up for the same, or worse have stock suspension. Either way it's a good idea to have it set for your weight..I'd choose the KX..