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  1. Yep, square end is down on the slide plate. Is there a way I can check for vacuum leaks? That is the only other thing I can think of. Unless there is something else in the pilot circuit that I missed the first time. Any other ideas??
  2. Yes, I had the slide out. But I am pretty sure it is in correctly. I have the flat side of the plate down, and the plate is facing the front of the carb. Are there other things with the slide that should be considered?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did put new fuel in and cleaned the old gas out really good, also I put a brand new pilot jet in. I have not checked to see that the hot start plunger moves freely. Nor have I checked for vacuum leaks. I am not sure how to check for vacuum leaks. Is there a way I can do that at home with basic tools?
  4. Howdy all, I've seen a lot of posts about this same thing, and many of them helped me get started, but I can not fix my problem. This is my brothers bike. I have a CRF 450X 2005. However, they have a very similar carb, so I decided to take a crack at it. What is happening is that the bike is obviously running lean. It will start fine with the choke on and run good that way, but as soon as the choke is off, the low RPM's and idle are terrible, sputtering and popping. After reading the other threads, I have tried several things. My first though was clogged jets because it has been sitting for a while. So, I took the carb all apart, soaked and cleaned it, blew it out with compressed air and replaced the pilot jet. Thought that would do it. Then I noticed that the hot start plastic nut was stripped and barely sitting in the carb. So, I ordered a new one from Zip Ty. After those two remedies, I was sure it would be perfect. But, no luck. Same issue. So I thought maybe the slide plate was in wrong, but nope, it was fine. Then, I discovered that the fuel screw, which was an aftermarket type from Zip Ty, was missing the spring, washer and o-ring. So, I put those in as well. I thought that would solve it, but still no!! Same dang thing!! I am out of ideas. So any help would be awesome. The bike runs good in mid and top range. Also, I flushed the fuel tank, and put new fuel in already too. All the jets are stock sizes which are 165 main, 45 pilot, 65 starter jet, and 50 leak. I live in Tucson, AZ so it is 2600 feet and not really that cold. We have never switched jet sizes before in the winter and always have been fine. Any ideas?? Please help??
  5. newtc84

    emissions block off kit...

    Where exactly is this emissions pump? Is it on all bikes or only California models??
  6. newtc84

    Carb Jetting 450x

    I am in Tucson
  7. newtc84

    Carb Jetting 450x

    Hey guys, Just got the JD jet kit. Can anyone recommend what jetting and needles they used with the following mods: Airbox vent holes cut on both sides and snorkel removed on top. Twin air power flow air filter installed with backfire screen removed. The elevation I ride at is around 2500 feet. Any suggestions?? Or should I just go off the JD recommendations?
  8. newtc84

    AIr flow mods

    My 05 450X was awesome today. Question though, what free mods, or cheap mods, would anyone recommend to the airbox or airflow?
  9. Howdy all, Just curious, even though the capacity of tranny fluid is .70 quarts, you all run a full quart? Also, the capacity of engine oil is also .76 quarts. Do you all run a full quart of that as well?
  10. newtc84

    Idle problems?

    Hey guys, Just bought my '05 450x. It's in great shape but has not been run very much in the last 4 months or so. The idle is a little choppy. I took the entire carb apart and cleaned it out good, (there was a lot of junk on there from old gas). Put it back together and it seems to run a bit better but the idle is very rough. With the choke on it's great, and from mid range to higher revs it is great as well. However, the idle is rough and pops a bit. Are there simple adjustments to make? I tried idle adjust screw with no success. What about fuel mixture screw? and if so, how to do it?
  11. newtc84

    '05 450X changes?

    Hey guys, I am looking at buying a used '05 450x from a dealer that is on great shape. It is mostly stock. What recommendations can anyone make as far as cheap and easy mods that are pretty necessary.